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Men's textile motorcycle pants

For whom?

Gentlemen who like to enjoy comfort, safety and a good protection against the weather. Or just for them who are looking for a matching pair of trousers to their jacket and wants to create a beautiful whole. There are various types of motorcycle pants, from a standard, simple entry-level model to technically sophisticated touring and adventure models. Depending on your own riding style and needs, you make your own choice.

The big advantage of textiles is that they fit well from day one and don't change afterwards. Besides that, you can also count on a very high degree of protection against weather, wind and temperature. In all directions. Wet or dry, hot or cold.

It goes without saying that today's textile pants, in addition to a durable choice of materials, also have all possible impact protection - in the form of protectors - on board.
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Choice of membrane

Besides style, design, colour and personal comfort, one of the main considerations when buying a good pair of motorcycle pants is the choice of membrane.

The various membrane brands can be divided into two major groups. Sympatex and GORE-TEX make up group 1. All other brands make up group 2.

Group 1 is preferred by true motorcycle adventurers and commuters who travel to work on two wheels in all conditions. Sympatex and GORE-TEX can withstand high water pressure, are durable and have unsurpassed breathability.

If you prefer less extreme conditions, or if you are more budget-conscious, then all the other membrane brands in group 2 are a good alternative. They are of course just as water- and windproof and also have a breathable capacity, but these membranes reach their saturation point a bit faster. At that point water penetrates the membrane or body moisture condenses on the membrane.

Membrane integration

There are three ways to integrate a membrane into textile pants: lamination, fixed integration into the pants or detachable/removable. As always, each method has its advantages. If you mainly go out in bad weather, it is best to choose a membrane that is laminated onto the outer fabric. Water cannot attach itself ('like water from a duck') to the trousers, which absorb nothing. The result is lighter and quicker drying pants.

People who ride through the night, commuters or people who wear one outfit in many conditions will benefit more from a removable membrane. If it's dry or too warm, you can unzip the membrane, open the ventilation zippers and in no time you have a more summery outfit.

The third option, motorcycle pants with a fixed, integrated membrane, is choosing for relative simplicity. The pants are wind- and waterproof and the space between the outer fabric and the membrane is ventilated, but the ventilation is more indirect and less pleasant when temperatures really soar.


The outer fabric and membranes of textile pants are more demanding than, say, a T-shirt or a pair of socks. Everything is possible, but specific maintenance products for motorcycle clothing are no marketing trick. General detergents can damage the properties of membranes and outer fabric, so always look carefully at the information on how to maintain motorcycle clothing.

Tip from the RAD house

If you are not a winter rider and the deluge of rain is not your cup of tea, you could simply invest in a rain suit. You go out in all comfort and even a heavy rain shower won't spoil your riding pleasure. A rain suit ensures that your pants do not absorb water, are not heavy and do not have to dry up afterwards; always worth considering.

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