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Transporting motorcycles and scooters

There's nothing more fun than taking a vacation on your motorcycle. But riding over a 1000 kilometres to get to the south or a mountainous region can be too much for many people. The solution? Bring your motorcycle along on a trailer or in a van!
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The internet is full of videos that demonstrate that getting your motorcycle in a van or on a trailer isn't always without consequences. They miss the (often improvised) ramp or fall off it, drop the bike on the pavement, and maybe on some spectators too. Think of the injuries and damage they don't even show.

Safely strapping your bike to a trailer or in a van is not difficult if you use the right materials. A basic set containing a wheel clamp and a few straps is all you need. A ramp and a mounting rail make it even easier and certainly safer.

The wheel clamp makes sure your bike stays upright. The straps hold everything in place. The attachment rail gives you strong and well placed points to attach your straps to. And a sturdy ramp helps a lot to get your bike on and off the trailer or in and out of the van with little effort.

Easy, right? Now get your camera rolling

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