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IXS Evo-Air Black

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The IXS Evo-Air motorcycle glove is a surprising glove. The combination of goatskin leather and textile can need a little getting used to but the quality it provides on hot summer rides and summer days cannot be contested.

From a distance you could still be uncertain but when you have the Evo-Air motorcycle gloves in or on your hands, it’s very clear: mesh. Lots of mesh. On the fingers and the back of the hand. Is that aesthetic perfection? Something for the classic purists who stick to supple leather motorcycle gloves? Maybe not, but they are still excellently ventilated and perfectly wearable. Plus, the goatskin leather used does exactly what it is supposed to do: create a great steering feel through the palm of the hand.

It turns the Evo-Air motorcycle glove into a striking motorcycle glove with a little futuristic design – the white between the fingers doesn’t help, either. The on/off icon on the touchscreen compatible fingertips is maybe a little overkill.
But then again, there’s no accounting for taste. The Evo-Air by IXS is a well-ventilated, short motorcycle glove that offers plenty of protection while remaining compact.

The reinforcements are made of double layers of leather, some of them with a strip of padding or foam between them. The short cuff can be fastened with Velcro.

There is maintenance clothing and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So invest in its maintenance after your purchase and enjoy your gear for longer.

We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof no
Lining no
Ventilation yes
Knuckle protection foam
Main material textile
Homologation EN13594:2015
Visor wiper no
Touchscreen compatible yes
Palm goatskin leather
Back of hand mesh fabric
Membrane no
Type of lining lightweight polyester
Product identifiers
EAN 7630472660339 (S); 7630472660322 (M); 7630472660315 (L); 7630472660346 (XL); 7630472660308 (2XL); 7630472660353 (3XL)
MPN X40464-039-S (S); X40464-039-M (M); X40464-039-L (L); X40464-039-XL (XL); X40464-039-2XL (2XL); X40464-039-3XL (3XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S X40464-039-S
M X40464-039-M
L X40464-039-L
XL X40464-039-XL
2XL X40464-039-2XL
3XL X40464-039-3XL

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