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REV’IT! Paramount GTX suit Dark blue

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The Paramount GTX one-piece suit by REV’IT! is a decisive piece of fabric - and that’s an understatement. Everything that’s been recently developed in technical motorcycle clothing knowledge has been integrated in this one-piece suit – and it looks good too.

A ‘pull-over’ suit like this one, is an actual support for anyone who wants to spend a day on their motorcycle without a care in the world and while being comfortable doing it. A stormy track day as an instructor, a wet Paris-Roubaix or simply a daily commute that reaches farther than the next town… Whether it’s with professional goals in mind or simply because it’s your passion, the Paramount GTX one-piece suit will prove to be a unique and valuable companion. ‘Valuable’, yes indeed. But it is all included, attached, integrated. It’s simple: there are motorcycle riders for whom this Paramount GTX is worth every cent. Just like you could make that statement of a high-quality motorcycle racing suit or a top end motorcycle helmet. There are others who go on fun motorcycle trips without this much technical knowhow and features, in different circumstances. In both cases, do read on and gaze at the possibilities this premium piece of fabric offers.

The exterior layer is one made of 3L GORE-TEX. Maximally breathable, maximally protected against rain. Even in the most challenging circumstances, this motorcycle suit – yes, a cover suit – keeps you dry and comfortable. The biggest challenge then is often getting in and out of the suit but REV’IT! solved this by using one long, continuous zipper. From the collar to the ankles. There’s another zip on the right leg, in the opposite direction, up to the groin. Those zippers are husky fellas. Something that appears to come straight from a diving suit or a wetsuit. The pulls fit neatly into a child’s hand and allow effortless access and exiting of the suit, while standing upright.

The fact that every choice combines the unit, is illustrated by the knee protectors: the pocket can be reached from the outside and once inside, your foot will slide past it sleekly, without catching it. The other protectors – back and shoulders each have their own integration and attachment method, in function of where they are located.

That first and foremost, the Paramount GTX one-piece suit by REV’IT! acts as a barrier against demonic weather conditions, is underlined by the (removable) storm collar. Wind, water, they don’t stand a chance. Everything has been integrated and designed nicely, with details such as neoprene and fleece for extra comfort.

The four Aquadefence ventilation panels are a superb piece of technique as well: extra-large, two on the chest and two on the upper legs, with a magnetic Fidlock® closure that allows you to redirect while riding. The Aquadefence acts as a buffer against incoming water.

Because the Paramount GTX one-piece suit by REV’IT! is a ‘cover suit’ – meaning that you (although it would be possible) won’t slide inside in your birthday suit – the available storage space is limited to a storage compartment on the left forearm and two closeable slash pockets. There’s also an inner pocket and you’ll probably have two more pockets underneath all that.

A whole bunch of adjustment options while riding and upon arrival assure an excellent ‘fit’. REV’IT! always provides plenty of stretching elements (sleeves, shoulders, lower back), supplemented with adjustable straps on the sides, the calves and the lower arms. The centring, V-shaped strap around the waist especially creates a very familiar and comfortable feeling.

For the sake of completeness we will also mention the supplied impact protection: level 2 SEEFLEX™ is the ‘weapon of choice’ on the shoulders, elbows and knees, and level 1 SEESMART™ for the hips. The back protector is one provided by SEESOFT™. The reflective material has been placed effectively and for anyone still doubting the completeness of this suit: there’s a double layer of material at seat level so to prevent the typical wet pants after a day of drenching stormy journeying.

There is maintenance clothing, and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So invest in its maintenance after your purchase and enjoy your gear for longer.
We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Style touring
Type textile, GORE-TEX
Thermal lining no
Gender gentlemen
Wind-waterproof GORE-TEX waterproof
Membrane laminated
Shoulder protectors yes, level 2 CE approved SEEFLEX protectors
Elbow protectors yes, level 2 CE approved SEEFLEX protectors
Back protector yes, level 2 CE approved SEESOFT protector
Certification class AA
Type 2 in 1
Waterproof outer pockets yes, 1
Connection zipper no
Ventilation direct ventilation options
Adjustable waist yes
Adjustable neck width no
Sleeve width adjustable yes
Wrists velcro
Material textile
Color blue, red, sand
Outer material 200D 3L Nylon GORE-TEX® fabric, 400D 3L Nylon GORE-TEX® fabric, 500D PWR|Shell stretch
Type of membrane 3L GORE-TEX® laminate
Reflection yes
Product identifiers
EAN 8700001351805 (S); 8700001351812 (M); 8700001351829 (L); 8700001351836 (XL); 8700001351843 (2XL); 8700001351850 (3XL)
MPN FOT010-0391-S (S); FOT010-0391-M (M); FOT010-0391-L (L); FOT010-0391-XL (XL); FOT010-0391-XXL (2XL); FOT010-0391-3XL (3XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S FOT010-0391-S
M FOT010-0391-M
L FOT010-0391-L
XL FOT010-0391-XL
2XL FOT010-0391-2XL
3XL FOT010-0391-3XL

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