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HELITE E-Turtle V2 Black King Size

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First thing to do after your purchase: register your new Helite E-Turtle on https://my.helite.com to enjoy the full range of the warranty conditions and to extend them with two years.

Stop by one of our shops and ask for a demo of this E-Turtle Airbag vest. You can find the availability per store at the bottom of this page.

There seem to be two types of motorcyclists: the type that has crashed and the type that is going to crash. Let’s hope it’s no big deal when you do but we all know the risk is so much higher on two wheels. Today, there are a number of decent and high-quality solutions for when that happens.

The Helite E-Turtle 2 Air Vest with drawstring is one of those solutions and now Helite is producing an electronic version as well: this E-Turtle. Here, a CDU-sensor (Crash Detection Unit) takes over the function of the analogue drawstring and you get the option to work via a fork sensor (SDU – Shock Detection Unit). Regardless of its position – in the airbag jacket or on the front fork – the electronic sensors will detect changes in position, speed, etc and will detect when an intervention is required. The optional fork sensor ‘reads’ the motorbike while the CDU-sensor inside the airbag jacket follows the movement of the motorcyclist.

The reference to the turtle is no coincidence: the E-Turtle as well as its analogue companion form a literal shield to protect less solid body parts. Just like a turtle. But better. More practical. Reflective accents, a front storage compartment, just under 2 kgs in weight, pleasantly lined and finished in neoprene; every turtle would be envious.

How does it work?
You simply wear the Helite E-Turtle over your motorcycle jacket. No activation cable here, so simply switch the charged airbag jacket (USB-cable included) On/Off by pushing the button three times. Hear (the beep) and see (green LED-light) the activation and head off.

If you use the optional fork sensor as well, you need to electronically ‘hitch’ the airbag jacket to the fork sensor the first time. This is magnetic, by activating both in a certain sequence and bringing them close to one another.
The motorcycle jacket itself leaves you free to choose: wide side openings and easily adjustable buckles make it easy for the E-Turtle airbag jacket to adapt.

The Helite airbag jacket is completely inflated in one tenth of a second, protecting your back, neck, chest, ribs and collarbones in a crash. The neck protector functions as a neck brace, stabilising your neck and helmet in case of a fall. Standard, there is an integrated SAS-TEC (level 2) back protector.

How long does the E-Turtle work?
The e-airbag jacket has an activated autonomy of 25 hours, prolonged by the ‘sleep mode’ – motion activated. Charging is easy with the supplied USB-cable. LEDs indicate its current status.

The optional fork sensor is non-chargeable and remains active for five years. You can check its status magnetically and replace the sensor if needed.

Is the airbag jacket reusable?
Yes, it is. Simply replace the e-cartridge and reactivate the airbag system. The e-cartridges are sold separately so it’s best to always have a spare one. The manual shows the steps – as of point 4 – you need to take to reuse the airbag jacket after an intervention.

For the passenger too?
It doesn’t matter for the airbag jacket whether it is protecting a rider or a passenger. Autonomous E-Turtle airbag jackets function independent of each other and you can link several E-Turtle airbag jackets to one and the same fork sensor.

For an optimum protection, it is important that the airbag jacket fits well. Choose a size that covers at least 10 centimetres of your pelvis. The airbag jacket offers optimum protection when you can fit a closed fist between your body and the airbag jacket. Consult the size table to find the right size for you.

The sensor of the autonomous E-Turtle is active from 20km/h on. The fork sensor is active even at standstill. Moving about frantically – dropping next to your parked bike with all functions activated – may cause the airbag to activate. It is, however, no problem at all to stand on your pegs while riding.

It is not recommended to wear a backpack over your airbag jacket.


  • Airbag jacket with e-cartridge
  • Colour: black/fluorescent yellow
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Universal, can be used on every motorbike
  • Light and supple, does not restrict freedom of movement at all
  • For passenger as well
  • Fully inflated in 0,1 seconds
  • Protects back, neck, tailbone, chest, ribs and collarbones in case of a crash
  • Neck protector serves as a neck brace when inflated, stabilising neck and helmet
  • Reusable, e-cartridges sold separately
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Technical specifications

Size type unisex
Type vest
Use street
Wearing mode over
Pockets yes, 1
Airbag activation time 31 to 60 milliseconds at 35 km/h
Number of activations possible without reactivation 1x
Reactivation possible yes, you can do it yourself
Type of activation system electronic
Number of sensors N/A
Back protector yes, CE approved, level 2
Tailbone protector no
Chest protector no
Fastener 3 adjustable Microlock buckles
Outer material polyester 600D with PVC coating
Lining 3D air mesh
Technology Helite
Subscription no
Reflection yes
Product identifiers
EAN 3663594013459 (L); 3663594013466 (XL)

Customer service

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HELITE Cartridge E-turtle V2 100cc LL-LXL
HELITE Cartridge E-turtle V2 100cc LL-LXL
HELITE E-turtle front fork sensor
HELITE E-turtle front fork sensor

Spare parts

HELITE USB Charging cable E-Turtle
HELITE USB Charging cable E-Turtle

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