ABUS WBA75 Granit

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ABUS is a big name in the world of theft prevention. They are especially known for their strong locks, often combined with oversized chains. But everything is only as strong as the weakest link, which made ABUS think of a sturdy anchor point for that chain.

This floor or wall bracket serves as a fixed anchor point, as an alternative to the tree, bench or lamp post to which you'd normally attach the motorbike. The bracket is firmly attached to a wall or floor by means of two sturdy bolts. It must be a very determined thief that can pry loose this 14 mm thick bracket made of hardened steel. Chain locks with a maximum diameter of 6 cm can be threaded through. The wall and floor anchor is weatherproof and can therefore be used both inside and outside. Thanks to the shape and the high quality plastic cover, you can easily drive over the anchor without damaging it. The anchor is delivered complete with fastening materials.

We know, an anchor like this isn't something you casually attach to the wall of a train station or factory. Also, without a good chain lock you're bike isn't any safer than before. Security equipment is first and foremost a deterrent. Even this anchor isn't a guarantee against theft, but the bigger the challenge, the less candidates are willing to give it a try.

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Product characteristics
SRA quality label no
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EAN 4003318786068
MPN Granit WBA 75

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Art.nr. 4003318786068

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