SAS-TEC Back protector SCL-19 (M/L)

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Since they were founded in 2004, German manufacturer Sas-Tec has quickly become one of the market leaders in shock-absorbing protectors for the motorcycle industry. Sas-Tec knows what motorcyclists need, because their two chief engineers have more than 25 years of experience as testers and writers for the big German 'Motorrad' magazine. This experience is the source of all the new products that Sas-Tec still brings to the market on a regular basis. Sas-Tec therefore stands for safety, confidence and innovation at the highest level.
The SCL-19 is a flexible back protector, made of a visco-elastic foam, with excellent shock-absorbing properties. The residual force is less than 8 kN according to EN 1621-2 (limit Level 2: 9 kN). This back protector has a perfect anatomical shape and is barely noticeable. Thanks to the soft and rounded edge the protectors of the SCL-19 series are hardly visible. High-end engineering for more safety! Protectors are reusable, even after a fall, and can easily be washed and maintained.

Below you will find the size, weight and certification for each size of protector.

Size of the protector Dimensions Length x Width x ThicknessWeightCertification
S 32 x 18 x 19 175gr

EN 1621-2 Level 2

M 36 x 20,5 x 19 205gr

EN 1621-2 Level 2

M/L 40,5 x 22,5 x 19 280gr

EN 1621-2 Level 2

L 45 x 24,5 x 19 325gr

EN 1621-2 Level 2

XL 50,5 x 26,5 x 19 415gr

EN 1621-2 Level 2

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Technical specifications

CE approval yes, level 2
Inspection code EN1621-2: 2014
Application back
Product identifiers
EAN 4045765103319
MPN 110392-50-Stck

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