S100 Chain spray splash protection

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Lubricating the chain of your motorcycle is a tedious job, fiddling with a piece of cardboard to prevent chain grease from being sprayed on your rear tyre, rim or swingarm. The spray mist tends to end up everywhere, rather that just on the chain. This ensures gunk to stick to the bike, which is a pain to clean, but you definitely don't want any chain spray on the tyres.

Thanks to the chain spray splash protector from S100 this is a thing of the past. This accessory is ingenious in all its simplicity: the cap with splash plate easily fits on a large spray can (diameter: 57 mm), preventing chain spray spillage on your tire, rim, swingarm, etc. But, the best thing is that now you can easily apply chain spray to where it belongs: on the inside of the chain.

Technical specifications

  • Tool for focused lubrication of motorcycle chains
  • Prevents spillage of chain spray on rear tire, rim, swingarm …
  • Suitable for spray cans with a diameter of 57 mm
  • Fits all 300 and 400 ml S100 chain sprays

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Technical specifications

Product identifiers
EAN 4006539080106
MPN 8010

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