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Because inflating a motorcycle tyre by hand is not really a thing and there’s not always a compressor nearby or just because having an industrial sized one at home could be called overkill, we introduce this portable and wireless Airman compressor.

It weighs close to 330 grams and in less than 5 minutes, there’ll be 2.5 bar in your motorcycle tyre. We wouldn’t be able to do that ourselves. Measuring 131x80x40 mm righteously grants the Airman Mini the label ‘handy’, and it can be stored in virtually every motorcycle case.

The weak link to every construction is always the battery: without energy, no pump. In this case, we have some good news because with only one battery charge (2200 mAh), the Airman Mini is able to inflate about three tyres up to 2.5 bar. Even a sidecar that’s gone completely flat should be able to ride again.

However, pay attention, in twofold.

(1) Every battery loses power over time. You need to charge the battery of the Airman Mini every three months, no matter what. Even when you’re not using it. Schedule it in and keep maintaining that schedule to be able to enjoy the benefits of your portable compressor for a long time. Charging is done via USB, so it’s not that big of an effort.

(2) Use the small compressor for fifteen minutes max and then let it cool for thirty. Inflating motorcycle tyres takes quite the energy and effort – you try it – so allow the Mini to rest to prevent overheating.

Subsequently, this is an excellent, convenient, practical, user-friendly, wireless and complete set which you will be happy to have around in times of need.

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