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HJC V31 Carbon Carbon

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The V31 by HJC is a jet helmet like you see them in children’s drawings and cartoons. Sun visor, compact half-bucket with an attachment element for goggles in the back and a perfect round shape.

And yet: the V31 is actually a very modern, contemporary and very well-equipped jet helmet. With all its retro and vintage vibes, it complies for instance to the most recent ECE 22.06 criteria.

HJC provides two helmet shells to integrate all helmet sizes. That helmet shell is made of ‘Advanced Fiberglass Composite’, using CAD technology in function of a superior fit and comfort. Apart from a bulbous helmet shell, this results in a weight of only 1100 grams which is pretty good for a jet helmet with an integrated sun visor.

Indeed, just like its predecessor, the HJC V31 is equipped with a tinted sun visor that could be replaced. It can be dropped down in three separate steps onto adjustable ‘stubs’, which means that you’re never riding with an annoying sun visor that drops down too low. Very convenient, we think. You simply pull down the sun visor by grabbing one of both tabs, which aren’t hard to find, even with motorcycle gloves on.

The pushbuttons are back (contrary to its V30 antecedent), in threefold and they fit the tinted sun visor (available separately) and the retro style perfectly. The latter can be found all the way up to the leather attachment element for goggles in the back.

We can be short and sweet about the interior: wonderful. Moisture-regulating, antibacterial, finished with leather and suede – again: vintage! – removable and with washable elements and interchangeable cheek pads for that perfect fit. It’s going to be hard to top that. There are cut-outs to possibly fit speakers of a communication system or for your glasses.

The chin strap of the V31 is a double D (so no micrometric quick-release) which seems to fit the (retro) bill seamlessly. It’s also just very comfortable, pleasant and decent.

In some countries (e.g., France) it is compulsory to have reflective stickers on your helmet. The V31 is delivered without these reflective decals. Reflective sticker sets can be found here.

Maintenance tips:

Safety above all! Never drive with a scratched or dull visor. Especially at night, scratches cause blinding reflections of street lights and headlights of oncoming vehicles. This effect is even more pronounced in rainy weather. It is best to replace a scratched or dull visor as soon as possible. Planning a long trip? Then don't forget to take a replacement visor with you. Never ride in the dark with a tinted visor.

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Technical specifications

Type of outer shell carbon
Fastener Double-D ring
Color carbon
Type of paint glossy
Visor yes, short internal visor
Anti-fog visor no anti-fog
Internal sun visor no
Removable peak optional
Helmet goggles no
Type of lining quick drying, anti-bacterial, enhanced moisture wicking
Inner lining removable and washable yes
Preparation for spectacle wearers yes
Recess helmet speaker yes
Protective cover yes
Reflective decals no
Product characteristics
Number of different shell sizes 2
Homologation yes, ECE-R 22/06
Weight in grams 1100
Chin piece no
Product identifiers
EAN 8804269416204 (XS); 8804269416211 (S); 8804269416228 (M); 8804269416235 (L); 8804269416242 (XL); 8804269416259 (2XL)
MPN 141939 (XS); 141940 (S); 141941 (M); 141942 (L); 141943 (XL); 141944 (2XL)

Customer service

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS ZS135-1480-888-XS
S ZS135-1480-888-S
M ZS135-1480-888-M
L ZS135-1480-888-L
XL ZS135-1480-888-XL
2XL ZS135-1480-888-2XL

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HJC V31 peak
HJC V31 peak
HJC Visor IS-10 dark tinted
HJC Visor IS-10 dark tinted

Spare parts

HJC Visor IS-10 Lightly tinted
HJC Visor IS-10 Lightly tinted

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