MACNA Foton 2.0 RTX kit Black

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Apart from being a mouthful, the MACNA Foton 2.0 RTX is also a heated motorcycle glove and a successor to that same motorbike glove without the 2.0 in its name. These motorcycle gloves have been designed to combine proper protection against the elements with varying levels of heat and comfort.

The back of these electrically heated winter motorcycle gloves is made of ‘softflex’ textile. The palm is covered with goatskin leather. An integrated raintex membrane – RTX, treated to withstand the temperature fluctuations of an electrical motorcycle glove – warrants its waterproofness, without compromising on its breathing capacities. On the inside, the Bemberg textile and a thermal lining take care of the comfort. Whoever is paying attention has already noticed that even without the electrical heating, these gloves perform well in winter.

An integrated TPU knuckle protector on the back of the hand offers additional protection, just like the advanced reinforcements on the palm, thumb and inside of the little finger. The Velcro closure – below the thumb at a 30-degree angle for more freedom of movement – ensures that the motorcycle glove stays in place. There’s a second Velcro closure on the wrist that allows adjustment of the motorcycle glove’s cuff for added comfort over or under your jacket.

The MACNA Foton 2.0 RTX are easily donned and doffed. Or just as easy to keep on. There are little convenient treats such as a ‘visor cleaner’, on the left and right, fingertips with ‘touchtip’ to operate a touchscreen, and the ergonomically pre-shaped thumb panels.

The cuff is comfortably long, and of course doubles as a storage compartment for the 7.4V/2.2A batteries that serve as the power source. The two 7.4V/2.2A batteries are included as standard, as is a charger. They throw a little weight around but you get warm hands in return. You plug them in, store them neatly and activate everything by using the push button on the back of the hand (glove). The same on/off button also shows you the status of your battery. Normally one battery charge can guarantee you up to 4h30 of warm hands (depending on the set temperature).

Mode Battery life 7,4V 2,2Ah Battery life 7,4V 3Ah Battery life 12V 3Ah
Level 4 (red) 1u45 2u20 2u
Level 3 (purple) 2u 2u50 2u30
Level 2 (blue) 2u50 3u45 3u20
Level 1 (white) 4u30 5u20 4u50

We say that with reservation. First of all, you have four heat levels, each of which requires a different energy level. Those who plan to use that 4h30 battery charge at zero degrees on the highway will almost always be disappointed. This will always be the case when the motorway is your main field of action. It remains extremely difficult to realize the same pleasant and comfortable sensations at 120 km/h and more, which you would otherwise mainly experience in your seat. If you want to take it to the next level, you can use 7,4V / 3A batteries.

’Warm' comes in different intensities and degrees, but the specific place where the warmth manifests itself also plays a role of course.
Here we are talking specifically about the top of the fingers and the fingertips.
It goes without saying that the heat, once present, does distribute itself, which - more than heating up a single spot - ensures the best effect.

If you want to supply the gloves with motorbike battery power, you need two cables: a power cable (you can choose between a battery cable, a cable to a cigarette lighter plug or a cable to a DIN-plug like on a BMW) and a 'double connection cable'. These heated motorcycle gloves use a maximum of 3.1 amps.

The standard charger included in the package comes with three different, interchangeable plugs and can therefore be used in any country.

Since these motorcycle gloves contain electronic components, it goes without saying that they cannot be put in the washing machine. A gentle hand wash is possible though, provided you dry the connectors with a hair dryer after washing.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof yes
Lining yes
Knuckle protection foam
Main material textile
Homologation EN13594:2015
Visor wiper yes
Touchscreen compatible yes
Palm nubuck with goatskin reinforcement
Back of hand textile
Membrane Raintex
Type of lining Bemberg
Product identifiers
EAN 8718913130494 (S); 8718913130487 (M); 8718913130470 (L); 8718913130500 (XL); 8718913130524 (2XL); 8718913130531 (3XL); 8718913130517 (4XL)
MPN 140718 (S); 140720 (M); 140722 (L); 140724 (XL); 140726 (2XL); 140728 (3XL); 140730 (4XL)

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Size Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S ZS190-6657-101-S
M ZS190-6657-101-M
L ZS190-6657-101-L
XL ZS190-6657-101-XL
2XL ZS190-6657-101-2XL
3XL ZS190-6657-101-3XL
4XL ZS190-6657-101-4XL

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MACNA Double connection cable gloves/socks
MACNA Double connection cable gloves/socks
MACNA Power cable motorcycle battery
MACNA Power cable motorcycle battery
MACNA Power cable cigarette lighter plug
MACNA Power cable cigarette lighter plug
MACNA Power cable DIN plug
MACNA Power cable DIN plug


MACNA Battery heated gloves 7,4V 2,2A (1x)
MACNA Battery heated gloves 7,4V 2,2A (1x)
MACNA Set batterijen + Lader 7,4V 2,2A
MACNA Set batterijen + Lader 7,4V 2,2A

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