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ALPINESTARS RT-7 Drystar Black-Red

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Because why not. Combine the distinct appearance of the traditional motorcycle boot with a tight, adventurous element and turn it into something beautiful. This motorcycle boot is a solid class act that gets you through the day easily. And not just on the pegs of your motorcycle.

The ALPINESTARS RT-7 Drystar are waterproof, innovative and neatly finished motorcycle boots, with comfort to spare.

Adventure and civilisation cross paths in the RT-7 Drystar. There are clear adventure as well as urban touring elements, and even a slice of sportiness thanks to the red accent. It doesn’t take much effort, just like anything you do with these motorcycle boots: take the stairs, ride, wear over or inside your motorcycle trousers … Take the latter with an Italian grain of salt and decide after a fitting, in these times of slim fit and other tight models. Let’s call it a commendable effort.

The RT-7 Drystar has a sole and a construction made to provide impressive walking comfort. It may seem that you’re heavy shoed standing next to your motorbike, just like a motorcycle jacket that appears to gain weight once it’s on a coatrack; while that provided a lot of comfort on the highway. Alpinestars certainly made an effort here in finding that right balance. And actually finding it. Alpinestars’ integrated Transversal Protection Frame (TPF) definitely has something to do with that. It protects the foot and supports the footrest without compromising any movement.

The exterior of this motorcycle boot is a highly advanced technical construction, a mixture of microfibre and synthetic textile, wear-resistant and PU laminated. Drystar is the waterproof and breathing membrane created by Alpinestars. They use it in lots of applications and it certainly helps bring comfort and practicality to your day.

You get in and out of them by means of a zip on the side, covered at the top by a wide Velcro strip with shin protection. The heel, toe and ankle were also treated to an extra layer of protection.

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Technical specifications

Style touring
Type motorcycle boots
Gender gentlemen
Waterproof waterproof
Fastener zip, velcro
Additional gearshift padding yes
Ankle protection yes
Shin protection yes
Ventilation not ventilated
Raised insole no
Shaft height in cm 20 for size 43
Size recommendation measure your foot and use the product specific size chart
Material synthetic leather, textile
Color black, red
Outer material mixture of microfiber and textile
Membrane Drystar®
Type of lining polyester
Product identifiers
EAN 8059347084299 (38); 8059347084305 (39); 8059347084312 (40); 8059347084329 (41); 8059347084336 (42); 8059347084343 (43); 8059347084350 (44); 8059347084367 (45); 8059347084374 (46); 8059347084381 (47); 8059347084398 (48)
MPN 2443023/13-38 (38); 2443023/13-39 (39); 2443023/13-40 (40); 2443023/13-41 (41); 2443023/13-42 (42); 2443023/13-43 (43); 2443023/13-44 (44); 2443023/13-45 (45); 2443023/13-46 (46); 2443023/13-47 (47); 2443023/13-48 (48)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
38 AS2443023/13-38
39 AS2443023/13-39
40 AS2443023/13-40
41 AS2443023/13-41
42 AS2443023/13-42
43 AS2443023/13-43
44 AS2443023/13-44
45 AS2443023/13-45
46 AS2443023/13-46
47 AS2443023/13-47
48 AS2443023/13-48

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