MUC-OFF Motorcycle Essentials Kit

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The cardinal directions, The Beatles, the seasons and the horsemen of the Apocalypse, many important things seem to exist as quartets. So does this bundle of items.

This Motorcycle Essentials Kit Muc-Off bundles four essential products. In one handy storage bag you'll find the necessary brush, sponge and cleaning products to keep your ride in top condition. Nothing the horsemen would use, but your motorcycle will benefit from a pink cleaner with nanotechnology, a blue protective spray, a black brush for the hard-to-reach places, and an expanding sponge. A pink one, of course.

Every individual product is great, but combined they form the perfect Muc-Off crew. Always start with the Nano Tech engine cleaner, to get rid of all dirt. This stuff almost makes dirt run off by itself.

Step two consists of applying the protective layer to all cleaned parts and surfaces. This helps to keep the dirt off, because this spray is essentially a non-stick coating.

While unused, the sponge may resemble the sole of a shoe. Just take it out of the environmentally friendly bag and let it sit in water for a while. This is a pretty big and useful sponge.

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