MUC-OFF Motorcycle Protectant 500ml

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Vaseline, WD40, a layer of lard, brown soap or whale blubber, a person will put something on his or her bike when bad riding conditions riding conditions. And unless you perform a specific a specific cleaning ritual after every ride, an extra layer of protection can indeed be a solution.

For the completeness we mention that this 'regular' protection spray does an excellent job. The tough guys, the go-getters and the hardcore bikers who don't want to know about of motorcycling seasons do not want to know, will in harsher conditions Perhaps the protection spray HCB-1 of Muc-Off will be more useful in harder circumstances.

Which one you choose, splashing and falling moisture, dirt, rust, dust ... they are never friends of your paintwork. are never friends of your paint. You can't be friends with everyone. From each other's neighborhood, is not a bad idea. This spray does just that: an extra an extra layer on all treated parts and surfaces. To keep things separate.

The PFTE protective layer, you can literally fry an egg on it. It is (at a level) the same non-stick coating as in your frying pan. Only here it The only difference here is that it repels water, dirt and fine dust. So it protects your your motorcycle against corrosion, wear, friction and everything else that is not really good for a long life and a beautiful bike.

Just spray it on. It doesn't get any easier than that.
Also on carbon you can use the Muc-Off Protection spray can also be used on carbon fiber.

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