MUC-OFF Microcell Sponge

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The Microcell sponge from Muc-Off is officially called the 'expanding Microcell sponge' for a reason. Take it out of the package, leave it in water for an hour, and watch it expand to its final size.

Granted, it is pink, but you know real men can get away with that. Don't let the colour throw you off. You'll notice soon enough that the colour is perfectly compatible with a lot of cleaning products from Muc-Off. They do have a thing with bright colours.

The Microcell sponge is comfortable to work with. There really is something to say for that ergonomic shape. Give it some time though: remove the environmentally friendly vacuum packaging, put the sponge in a bucket of water and knead it a bit to allow it to return to its original size. Enjoy the spectacle and then effortlessly clean your motorcycle.

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Technical specifications

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EAN 5037835300000
MPN 053163

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