BOWTEX Standard R CE Level AA Black

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Bowtex makes the (unisex) Standard R to exist on its own or to be worn under (any type of) clothing. That doesn't have to be motorcycle clothing. Wearing this under regular pants, jeans or chinos is perfectly fine. The choice is really up to you. Do what's easy, feels good and what you feel like doing. Bowtex will make sure it’s safe. Sort of.

Maybe don't wear shorts over them. Then you better keep it clean and wear the Standard R on its own. That too is perfectly fine. Besides the pants there is a matching shirt, and although then you’ll start to look a bit on the dark side, you can ride it just like that. Some have compared them to pajama bottoms, or described them as leggings, but the Standard R combines comfort with safety, that's for sure. The pub racers who founded Bowtex sometimes hang a rope behind their bikes to check how hard-wearing their products really are. Although, of course, an independent lab is responsible for certification.

In any case, the STANDARD R is a versatile product. Both as a protective underlayer and when used independently. Its resistance to wear is beyond doubt. Nor is the comfort. Breathing capacity is sufficient. Waterproofing is not. That is something to take into account. But that's all, really. Just put on your rain pants and stay safe. Something makes us suspect that this is even a comfortable way to go down the slopes when wearing it underneath your ski suit. And that's perfectly fine, without any problems.

The base of these pants / pajamas / leggings / jogging is 100% Dupont™ Kevlar®, which is complemented by 87% High-Density-Polyamide and 13% Elastane. A good stirring and the result is a snug, lovely piece of motorcycle clothing that keeps your body temperature at a fairly good level in all conditions, while still offering all the impact protection and abrasion resistance of full-blown motorcycle pants. Even more: this is AA-class certified.

It takes some getting used to, at first. We are happy to admit it. Especially when you wear the Standard R as the only - but full-fledged - pair of pants, you get the feeling you're forgetting something. Nothing like that. It's all in the head. Motorcyclists either wear lots of layers, or want to feel as much wind as possible. This is neither. One layer with everything in it. This is something new. The SAS-TEC® TRIPLEFLEX impact protection present is also flexible and ultra-light. A little more than pajamas but not so much more - at least in feel. Hip and knee protectors are standard in these pants.

It's light, flexible, easy and finished. Stretch material on the waist and ankles, and the option to use an extra loop under your heel, it's really just stepping into pants.

On the hottest days, you don't need anything extra. And on all other days, do what you feel like doing. Jeans on top. Something else. Anything goes. You can wear it all day long. Just wash it once in a while at 30° and hang it on the rack to dry. Not in direct sunlight. Take out the protectors beforehand.

The price? This is complete motorcycle clothing. High-tech. Comfortable. Versatile. Something to wear every day. After a year that means less than one euro a day.

Bowtex - Belgian, locally designed and European manufactured - grew out of a need experienced by motorcyclists themselves, who then decided to just produce what they needed. It's not a bad starting point for good motorcycle clothing and this Standard R motorcycle pants from Bowtex certainly is.

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