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NOSTALGIC ART Wall Clock BMW Trachometer

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The official licenses that Nostalgic Art has with the major players in the motorcycle industry result in great gift items. One advantage that this German company also has: it is German. That means that the metal parts are made of metal and that the quality is not a home-made gift basket. A high standard and high quality, are always assets.

Especially when it comes to wall clocks that are not only visually interesting but functional as well. Although it is no punishment reading the right time from here. On the contrary. We do not want to go so far as to turn it into a design clock right away but that this clock is bringing a theme into the room, is as good as for sure.

The cabinet is made of metal. Let’s say about 5.5 centimeters of depth. Inside conceals the perfectly functioning radar work and the whole thing is closed with a high-quality, slightly curved glass. For proper functioning of the quartz clock, you need an AA-battery. That is NOT included.

The packaging in matching, sturdy cardboard, makes this 31-centimeter wall-clock a nice gift.

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MPN NA51080

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Art.nr. NA51080

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