HJC I100 Matt black

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The i100 is probably the motorcycle helmet HJC will utilise to storm the segment of the double-homologated P/J-motorcycle helmets. The flippable chin guard (a flip-over) has a number of interesting features; the i100 is an all-round top act. A flip-up helmet and a full-face helmet all in one, that you can actually turn into a jet helmet, with sun visor and ready to incorporate the SMART HJC Bluetooth systems (10B and 20B).

The motorcycle helmet shell is composed of Advanced Polycarbonate and no less than three helmet shells hold all helmet sizes available. To cut it kind of close, or in this case, close to your head, this is a rather compact motorbike helmet which puts a bit of weight in the scales – evidently. We’d like to add that the balance and weight-distribution is so good that it’s no punishment to ride all day wearing the i100, on the contrary. It is clear that comfort was one of the main considerations.

Let’s get back to the P/J-homologation: the central red button at the bottom of the chin guard transforms the HJC i100 from a full-face/flip-up helmet to a flip-over, so actually, a jet helmet. You secure the flipped-up chin guard with a lever on the left side. A couple of centimetres below that, you can operate the integrated sun visor. To prevent scratches, the transparent visor opens and closes automatically with the chin guard. The transparent visor is Pinlock®-ready and actually even Pinlock®-adapted because it was designed differently specifically for that purpose. Obviously, the Pinlock®-lens is included.

Ventilation of the HJC i100 consists of chin and top ventilation. Always operable in three settings, after which the supplied air leaves the motorbike helmet through the air outlet in the back via integrated air canals (the ‘ACS’ system or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System).

The interior of the i100 is ‘supercool’, which is also its product name: anti-bacterial, comfortable, replaceable, washable and with cut-outs at the temples for a spectacle-friendly fit.

The motorcycle helmet’s closure is micrometric, adjustable and integrated in a soft, wide chin strap. Together with the well-finished neck rim of this motorbike helmet, the risk of whiplash is decreased, and the risk of comfort is largely increased.

In some countries (e.g., France) it is mandatory to have reflective decals on your helmet. The I100 comes without these reflective stickers. Reflective sticker sets can be found here.

Maintenance tips:

  • Safety above all! Never drive with a scratched or dull visor.

    Especially at night, scratches cause blinding reflections of street lights and headlights of oncoming vehicles. This effect is even more pronounced in rainy weather. It is best to replace a scratched or dull visor as soon as possible. Planning a long trip? Then don't forget to take a replacement visor with you. Never ride in the dark with a tinted visor.

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    Technical specifications

    Type of outer shell polycarbonate
    Fastener Microlock micrometric
    Color anthracite
    Type of paint matt
    Anti-fog Anti-fog lens included
    Anti-fog type Equipped with Pinlock 70
    Internal sun visor yes
    Type of lining Supercool
    Preparation for spectacle wearers yes
    Recess helmet speaker yes
    Breath guard no
    Chin curtain yes
    Protective cover yes
    Reflective decals no
    Product characteristics
    Number of different shell sizes 3
    Removable and washable inner lining yes
    Approved for public roads yes, ECE-R 22/06
    Double homologation yes
    Weight in grams 1900
    Product identifiers
    EAN 8804269356517 (XS); 8804269356524 (S); 8804269356531 (M); 8804269356548 (L); 8804269356555 (XL); 8804269356562 (2XL)
    MPN 135279 (XS); 135280 (S); 135281 (M); 135282 (L); 135283 (XL); 135284 (2XL)

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    Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
    XS ZS135-1256-111-XS
    S ZS135-1256-111-S
    M ZS135-1256-111-M
    L ZS135-1256-111-L
    XL ZS135-1256-111-XL
    2XL ZS135-1256-111-2XL

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