REV’IT! Barren H2O 18L Black

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REV'IT's collaboration with luggage and backpack expert Kriega has resulted in pleasant, lightweight motorcycle backpacks. Or rather, a sample of top-notch engineering to be carried on your back. Kriega and REV'IT! bring out the best in each other.

The Barren 18L H2O is the larger of the two adventure-oriented motorcycle backpacks that flows from that Kriega and REV'IT! collaboration. It consists of three compartments, with the largest (11 liters) featuring a roll-up closure, which rightfully suggests that anything you put in there will come out dry. The zipper at the back gives access to a smaller (7 liter) storage compartment, where a toolbag or the Kriega Hydrabag can be stored. Also interesting: the separate, waterproof extra space of 1 liter to 'hide' really valuable things.

If you are counting, you know that we have reached the 18 liters of storage space, even though we mentioned 'three' compartments above. The third is situated behind the Hypalon net at the front. Hypalon is also used in zodiacs. So, boats. Just to say that the Barren H2O, just like the other three motorcycle backpacks REV'IT! has developed together with Kriega, isn't afraid of a bit of adventure. In any case: an elastic cord and the synthetic net provide a lot of extra storage space, especially to carry wet stuff and not make a mess.

A serious reserve of water, some extras you want to deliver dry and the possibility to get home those motor gloves that just ended up in the creek, so there we are. The main question is whether all of this can be done in a good, pleasant, practical and comfortable way? And that's when you know: yes.

Kriega is a specialist for a reason. Just like REV'IT! The Kriega Quadlock-Lite™ harness the Barren 18L H2O is equipped with, is a piece of top technology. Chest, shoulders and waist support the load evenly, and the mesh panel on the back keeps it comfortable. As standard, each strap is adjustable - anyway - but be sure to note the additional ability to adjust the shoulder straps not only at the bottom but also at the top, on the shoulders. The idea behind this is that the chest strap can be positioned perfectly, regardless of your specific body shape. The way it's done, without any excess flapping around, is in three letters 'top'.

The construction Kriega offers here allows you to wear the Barren 18L H2O all day, without worry. One reason for that is the phenomenally light weight of – hold on to your britches – 1.6 kilograms. The entire thing (in Cordura and 500D, with a reflective logo) gives off a strong vibe. Like is often the case, it’s in the details. Look for the Kriega ‘K’ and the REV’IT! logo on both shoulder straps and we promise you’ll chuckle.

Luggage and backpack expert Kriega is sure of itself and grants a ten-year warranty to all of its products. That some standard applies for this synergy between REV’IT! and Kriega, which means that we’ll probably swap motorcycles sooner than we do our backpacks.

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Technical specifications

Contents 11-20 L
Volume in litres 18
Dimensions in cm (Width x Depth x Height) 25 x 17 x 44,5
Product characteristics
Waterproof yes, waterproof compartment of 11 liters
Reflective inserts yes
Adjustable waist belt yes
Adjustable chest strap yes, Kriega Quadlock-Lite
Additional storage compartments
Laptop compartment no
Helmet storage no
Product identifiers
EAN 8700001323413
MPN FLU004-1010-UNI

Question & answer

What is the weight of the 20lt motorcycle back pack. Thanks, TR
This backpack is very light to wear. We have weighed this backpack for you: our skale indicates 1.6kg.

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FLU004-1010-UNI FLU004-1010-UNI

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