IXS Headcool Grey

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An inside tip: Keep your head cool, that's what you do with the Headcool by IXS. The principle is the same as in all Bodycool products from IXS and - more important - the physics behind it works.

In essence this is as simple as it is good: you wet the Headcool under the tap and put it in your helmet. The ventilation and the temperature in the helmet create evaporation and whoever pays attention in physics class knows: evaporation means cooling down. The headcool has a diameter of 14 cm. A rubber band keeps the Headcool in place in your helmet.

An antibacterial finish makes Headcool more thAn just a wet handkerchief in your helmet. This is a pleasant extra cooling element when you feel the temperatures rising. Together with the Neckcool, the Wristcool and the Bodycool - which all use the same basic principles - you can always arrive at your destination quite fresh.

Moreover, cooler blood flows faster, which in turn has a cooling effect. Don't hesitate. Come on in!

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EAN 7630472679997
MPN X33443-009-00

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Art.nr. X33443-009-00

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