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MODEKA Takuya Lady pants Black

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The motorcycle jacket of the same name belongs to it. Together they guarantee a strong, feminine combination with lots of touring ambitions and even more comfort. Even without the motorcycle jacket, this remains a topper.

Few surprises in the choice of materials for this Takuya Lady pants: Tactel (750D) and Cordura (500D) are also used in the jacket. Logical, because as wear- and tear resistant materials, they are in the right place here. Tactel is also very soft, which makes it very comfortable to wear. The Takuya Lady pants gets some extra assistance from DuPont™-Kevlar, which acts as a heat shield on the calf.

The entire Takuya Lady-set has a lot of elastic stretch zones. The entire Takuya Lady set is equipped with a range of elastic stretch zones, which in these trousers run along the inner thighs, across the knees and in the groin, to finally reach the outside of the thigh. Does it matter? Well, as soon as you sit down in the typical biker's seat position, you’ll notice it. Or better: you don't notice it and that's exactly why it's good. Suppose you want to dot some i's and cross some t's, you use the snaps. You'll find them at the back, on the calf and just above the knee. Together with the velcro strip at the bottom and the velcro strap with loop on the waist, you can create quite some variation. In the waist, there are two more large elastic strips.

All these things together ensure an excellent fit - with or without a membrane. Because of course there is a difference. The Takuya Lady is a 2-in-1, with a removable Sympatex® membrane. Waterproof and breathable, which emphasizes the touring ambitions of the motorcycle pants and by extension of the complete Takuya Lady Lady-combi.

Modeka provides ventilation zippers just above the knees, at the front as well as in the back. This gives the wind free rein when you want it to. If not: just close them.

Antislip on the seat helps you to stay neatly and firmly in the saddle. In that case you do not really need the YF knee protectors either, but they are present of course. Those who wish can easily fit an optional hip protector (or two) without problems.

Remaining to mention are the two side pockets with zipper, just like the fine accordion strips above the knee and the more than good push-button-velcro closing that covers the zipper. And the reflective material, which is inconspicuous during the day and all the more effective at night.

The long connecting zipper just about begs to be attached to the Takuya Lady motorcycle jacket.

There is maintenance clothing, and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So invest in its maintenance after your purchase and enjoy your gear for longer. We put the best tips and tricks on this page

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Technical specifications

Style touring
Type textile
Thermal lining no
Gender ladies
Wind-waterproof waterproof
Membrane removable
Knee protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
Hip protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
Tailbone protector no
Certification class AA
Type 2 in 1
Waterproof outer pockets no
Connection zipper yes, all around and short
Suspenders no
Ventilation direct ventilation options
Adjustable waist yes
Knee protectors adjustable in height yes
Stretch zone yes, above the knee
Leg zipper side zipper to below the knee
Material textile
Color black
Outer material 750D Tactel® and 500D Cordura®
Type of membrane Sympatex®
Reflective yes
Product identifiers
EAN 4045765180198 (34); 4045765180204 (36); 4045765180211 (38); 4045765180228 (40); 4045765180235 (42); 4045765180242 (44); 4045765180259 (46)
MPN 088350-10-34 (34); 088350-10-36 (36); 088350-10-38 (38); 088350-10-40 (40); 088350-10-42 (42); 088350-10-44 (44); 088350-10-46 (46)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
34 088350-10-34
36 088350-10-36
38 088350-10-38
40 088350-10-40
42 088350-10-42
44 088350-10-44
46 088350-10-46

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MODEKA Takuya Lady Black
MODEKA Takuya Lady Black
242,91 269,90
MODEKA Takuya Lady Grey-Black
MODEKA Takuya Lady Grey-Black

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Type textile textile textile
Thermal lining yes, removable no yes, removable
Gender ladies ladies ladies
Wind-waterproof waterproof waterproof waterproof
Membrane removable removable removable
Knee protectors yes, level 2 CE approved SAS-TEC® protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors yes, level 2 CE approved SEEFLEX protectors
Hip protectors no, CE approved back protector in option yes, level 1 CE approved protectors yes, level 1 CE approved SEESMART protectors
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