S100 Corrosion protection 300ml

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Cold Weather riders and two-wheeled commuters alike know the phenomenon: riding your motorcycle in winter time will not do it any good. Road salt, frozen components, all kinds of corrosion, these have a huge impact on the quality of both your ride and its appearance. Best to cover up your bike and stow it in a warm, dry garage. But not all people are the kind that hibernate through the winter, and some just don't have a choice. S100 Corrosion Protectant is your go-to product if you need to stay mobile and want safe and efficient protection for your beloved bike.

  • Offers protection against road salt and corrosion in wintery circumstances.
  • Protects all metal parts of the motorcycle with regular use.
  • Stops further development of existing corrosion.
  • Does not attack lacquer, rubber or plastics.
  • Suitable for all metal parts (also chrome and aluminium) of the engine, tank, mudguards, etc.

Shake the can well before use and use the product only on clean, dry surfaces. Spray on evenly and economically and rub off with a soft cloth or apply with a soaked cloth. To prepare the engine for the winter, you can spray on abundantly (without wiping).

S100 corrosion protection can be used on all surfaces (including chrome), although some caution is needed. It is not recommended to apply on brake discs, because this may hamper your brakes from functioning properly. Braking activity on itself should be efficient enough to clean the disks. Tires should also not be treated in order to avoid skidding. Exhausts can be treated with a layer of corrosion protection, but only when applied after completely cooled down, to prevent smoke or fire. It is never recommended to apply products to still warm parts.

Tip: the S100 corrosion protection can be removed without problems using S100 Moto Wash. If necessary, reapply the corrosion protection after every wash.

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