CARDO Freecom 4+ JBL Duo

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The new Freecom 4+ has undergone a true metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. The biggest innovations are

  • A new look with a handy scroll wheel
  • New 40 mm JBL speakers: The new Freecom 4+ uses JBL speakers and that is definitely a plus. It's like the weakest link: Technically good intercoms are nice, but it's where the sound flows that often makes the difference. JBL is an extra trump card in this respect. Without a doubt. For more than 70 years the Americans have been experts in speakers. Couple that with Cardo's passion for "being on the road on your motorcycle and still being able to listen and talk" (in short: intercom) and you know that their cooperation lifts everything to a higher, much higher, level. Without weak links.
  • The module can be used while charging
  • Voice control: You can easily give voice commands like: "Hey Cardo, volume up" to increase the volume or ask a question to Siri or OK Google (provided this feature is activated on your smartphone) with "Hey Siri" and "OK Google"; ask your question and you get an answer!
  • Compatible with the Cardo Connect app. The Cardo Connect app is available in the Google Play store and in the Apple App store.

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Technical Specifications:


  • Water and dustproof (according to the IP67 certificate)
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • 3 large buttons and a scroll wheel for easy operation
  • Easy mounting
  • No traces of damage on the helmet after removal
  • Microlock mechanism
  • Interchangeable microphone, choice between hybrid bar microphone and wired microphone.
  • 40 mm JBL earphones connected with 3.5mm minijack, so also possibility to connect your own earphones.
  • Software updates through the Cardo Community.
  • Status is spoken and displayed in multiple languages.

Connection possibilities

  • Motor to motor communication, maximum 1200m (terrain dependent)
  • In conference up to 4 users: just like with a phone call, all users can speak, there is no need to wait until the other person has spoken.
    • with 4: 2 motards and 2 passengers
    • with 3: 3 motards or 2 motards and 1 passenger
    • with 2: 2 motards or motard and passenger
  • Click-to-Link: spontaneously connect and have a conversation with another recent Scala Rider user without the Scala's being linked.
  • Cardo Gateway: your Cardo Packtalk can also communicate via Bleutooth with other brands' intercoms such as Interphone, Sena, ...
  • Possibility to pair 2 Bluetooth devices thanks to the 'Dual Handsfree Profile' technology.


  • Receive, reject or make phone calls at the touch of a button or with 1 voice command
  • A2DP/AVRCP profile for wireless stereo sound from Iphone™ or other smartphones
  • Selectable emergency number


  • Receive wireless navigation instructions from your GPS device
  • Thanks to the "Parallel Audio Streaming" your intercom or phone call will no longer be interrupted by GPS instructions


  • Memory for 6 posts
  • Autoscan
  • RDS: always chooses the strongest frequency for your station
  • Radio stations easily adjustable through Cardo Community or through the Smartset app


  • Connect wirelessly to your bluetooth MP3 player or smartphone and listen to stereo via A2DP
  • Music Sharing: the passenger can listen to the driver's music

Audio features

  • 2 extra fine 40 mm JBL earphones: 3.5 mm diameter, exchangeable with your own earphones via 3.5 mm minijack.
  • AGC technology: automatic adjustment of the volume to the ambient noise or the speed of travel.
  • VOX technology: voice technology to accept or reject calls, among other things.
  • Embedded PLC: a technology that compensates for any loss of data in difficult conditions.
  • VPM technology: store a separate volume for each of the different applications.
  • Parallel Audio Streaming: This allows you to receive GPS instructions or listen to music while having an intercom conversation.

Battery and Charger

  • Up to 13 hours of communication
  • Standby mode: 1 week
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Can be used while charging
  • Charging via USB
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Li-Po

In the box (x2 for the duo version)

  • Freecom 4+ JBL module
  • Freecom audio kit with clamp and clip mount
  • 40 mm JBL speakers
  • wired and hybrid microphone
  • Self-adhesive velcro patches for in-the-helmet microphone and speaker attachment
  • Micro USB cable

General remark: The electronics world (which also includes intercoms, smartphones, gps, etc.) is changing so fast, that it is possible that some (outdated) devices are not compatible with each other in certain areas. Unfortunately, the manufacturer can't provide us with data that shows which combinations between intercoms/gps's and/or smartphones cause problems. A regular update of all electronic devices is therefore desirable to avoid problems as much as possible.

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Technical specifications

Use bike to bike (group discussion)
Bluetooth GPS instructions yes
MP3 (Bluetooth via A2DP) yes
MP3 (via audio cable) no
Use during charging yes
FM radio with RDS function yes
Bluetooth hands-free calling yes
Music sharing yes
Audio multitasking/overlay yes
Compatibility universal
Application universal
Intercom rider -> passenger yes
Intercom motorbike -> motorbike yes
Maximum communication distance in meters 1200
Max. number of intercom systems of the same brand that can be connected 3
Max. number of people in a group call 4
Recharge time in hours 3
Maximum standby time in hours 170
Maximum talking time in hours 13
Product features
Number of units or devices 2
Software updates via Windows yes, from Windows XP
Software updates via Mac Yes, from OSX v10.7 onwards
Dust- and waterproof yes, IP67
Wire Microphone yes
Flexible boom microphone yes
Bluetooth version V4.1
Automatic volume adjustment yes
Module dimensions in mm (length x height x width) 79 x 49 x 20

Customer service

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RAD USB mains charger universal 1A
RAD USB mains charger universal 1A


CARDO Microphone Cover (Small)
CARDO Microphone Cover (Small)
CARDO Freecom clamp mount
CARDO Freecom clamp mount
CARDO Adhesive mount Freecom
CARDO Adhesive mount Freecom
CARDO Wired microphone Freecom/packtalk/Sho-1
CARDO Wired microphone Freecom/packtalk/Sho-1
CARDO Refreshment kit Freecom / Packtalk
CARDO Refreshment kit Freecom / Packtalk
CARDO Wired boom microphone Freecom/packtalk/Sho-1
CARDO Wired boom microphone Freecom/packtalk/Sho-1
CARDO Audio kit Freecom
CARDO Audio kit Freecom
CARDO JBL speakers set 45 mm
CARDO JBL speakers set 45 mm

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