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MOTUL MC Care P3 Tyre repair foam 300 ml

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ATTENTION: One (1) aerosol can is sufficient for tyres up to 16 inch. Larger tyres mean a larger volume of air, so they require an additional aerosol can.

Motul is a manufacturer for lovers of the better product. Their high quality lubricants are used in the racing world for a reason. They are developed with the latest technology and extensively tested to ensure they continue to perform in the most demanding conditions.

Motul MC Care P3 Tyre Repair allows you to repair and re-inflate your puncture almost effortlessly. Without removing your wheel, without using tools. Whether the tyres are tubed or tubeless. You just fill your flat tire with foam and air.

The only condition is that your tire isn't cracked and still is fully seated on the rim. The latex in this product does not harm your tires or air chambers of other types of products.
Just a little remark: although Motul makes products for the racing world, this product is absolutely not intended for track usage.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove the item that caused the puncture.
2. Turn the wheel to position the valve all the way at the top (preferably between 10 and 2 o'clock).
3. Completely deflate the tyre.
4. Shake the aerosol can before use. In very cold weather, warm it up by holding it in your hands, carry it in an inside pocket in your coat or place it against the warm engine for a short while.
5. Fit the connector hose to the aerosol can and remove the seal.
6. Turn the spray can upside down.
7. Screw the connector hose onto the tyre valve and hold the button down until the tyre is fully inflated.
8. Ride for about 10-20 km at low speed to ensure the foam is evenly distributed in the tyre.
9. The tyre is now ready for normal use! Please note that this is a temporary repair only, and that you must have your tyre permanently repaired or replaced, as soon as possible.

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