OXFORD Analogue clock Anaclock Black

Black (€ 42,00)Silver (€ 42,00)
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The Oxford Anaclock - or analogue clock - is quite a stylish and high quality addition to your motorcycle cockpit. In black or silver, whatever suits your taste.

Although we all dream of endless vistas, empty diaries, carefree motorbike miles and a life free of responsibilities, sometimes you just have to be somewhere on time. Nothing we can do about that.

And instead of pulling a smartphone out of your pocket ("I was just checking the time, Sir") or trying to read the time off a petrol station clock, you just look at this lovely analogue clock in your cockpit. You can mount it in two different ways: use Velcro to attach it to the handle bars, or bolt it on an existing mounting point using the supplied metal frame.

The benefit is that you always know how late you are for your next appointment. Oxford is a quality brand and they made sure you can even tell the time when you're 30 metres below the water surface. We wouldn't try this out ourselves, but it does show that this timepiece can take a beating, also due to its hardened glass and stainless steel case.

At night the dial remains clearly visible. Oh yes, dimensions! This clock has a 4 cm diameter and it's only 1 cm thick.

The battery (type SR626SW) is included.

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