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MACNA Darko Black

Black (€ 39,95)Black - Brown (€ 39,95)
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Yes, it's tempting to just get on and drive away. Yeah, your hands are overheated before your bike is even running if you have to put on motorcycle gloves. Yes, it's not far and what are the odds.

Many bikers secretly have an excuse but in the 21st century there is a solution for almost everything. Macna delivers with the Darko motorcycle gloves, gloves that are hardly a glove, while they still offer a certain degree of protection. So this is the superlative of 'thin', and a very clear summer choice. A drop of water is immediately felt in the Darko, which is made of light spandex and synthetic nubuck. The nubuck provides a certain degree of wear resistance and serves in part as a structural backer, to which the RISC palm protector and the Temperfoam knuckle protector have some grip.

Don't be fooled, of course: Macna knows what it's doing and with an ergonomically pre-shaped thumb, grip on the fingers and a finish with great attention to detail, these remain very high-performance motorcycle gloves.

You obviously take into account that wafer-thin summer gloves can never offer the protection that for example racing gloves do.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof no
Lining no
Ventilation yes
Knuckle protection foam
Main material textile
Homologation CE-EPI
Visor wiper no
Touchscreen compatible no
Palm Synthetic nubuck
Back of hand spandex
Membrane no
Type of lining none
Product identifiers
EAN 8718913065659 (S); 8718913065635 (M); 8718913065611 (L); 8718913065673 (XL); 8718913065734 (2XL); 8718913065758 (3XL)
MPN 103712 (S); 103713 (M); 103714 (L); 103715 (XL); 103716 (2XL); 103717 (3XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S ZS190-6216-101-S
M ZS190-6216-101-M
L ZS190-6216-101-L
XL ZS190-6216-101-XL
2XL ZS190-6216-101-2XL
3XL ZS190-6216-101-3XL

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