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RAD Dutch digital gift card €10,00

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Another birthday or anniversary? Father's Day returns quicker every year, it seems. The search for a suitable gift becomes more difficult with every celebration. However, it is still nice to give something and even nicer to get something!

You'll undoubtedly do motorcyclists a great favor with our RAD gift card. Why choose for them, when they can make their own choice? This gift card can be used in all our RAD stores and in our webshop (via barcode). Each gift voucher is valid until the final day of the next calendar year.

With our gift vouchers of 5, 10, 25 or 50 Euro you can combine and cumulate to your heart's content, until you reach the desired amount. Of course, the birthday boy or girl can also combine several gift vouchers when paying off his or her purchase.

Attention: if you really have to go to the party, you better order the digital version of our gift voucher. As soon as the payment via Bancontact or credit card has been registered – in a matter of seconds - the confirmation will be sent by e-mail, including an A4-pdf to print out yourself. That way you will not appear empty-handed. Payment by bank transfer obviously takes a few days to register. Only after that follows the confirmation with the A4-pdf. If you buy a gift voucher and some products to be delivered, you will receive the confirmation and the pdf only when the chosen goods are ready to be sent. This can take several days. It is therefore best to order a gift voucher that can be printed and handed over immediately and to pay via Bancontact or credit card.

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