EUROL Ceramic Grease 600G

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Eurol Ceramic Grease is a lubricant in paste form containing very small ceramic particles. It has excellent anti-wear properties and actively protects against rust. Thanks to the ceramic particles in the paste, this lubricant can withstand operating temperatures from -40 to 1,300°C. Ceramic grease prevents threaded connections from rusting and ensures that you can accurately determine the tightening torque. It also prevents electrolytic corrosion, for example between aluminium and steel. Ceramic grease is resistant to water and does not affect rubber.

Ceramic grease is applied to nuts, bolts, gaskets, etc. before they are tightened. It ensures that you can easily tighten and loosen them.
Eurol Ceramic Grease is a universal assembly paste that is preferably applied as a thin layer on a clean and dry surface.

Technical specifications

  • Universal assembly paste
  • Water-resistant
  • Active protection against rust
  • Anti-wear effect
  • Lubrication of bolts, threaded ends, etc.
  • Is ideally applied on nuts, bolts, threaded ends, gaskets, etc., before they are tightened
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Technical specifications

Technical properties
Type Ceramic Grease

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