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GIVI Windshield 314A w/o mounting kit


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The standard windshield does not always provide you with the best protection or the looks you want. However, the screen is often a key factor in the experience of your bike. Naked motorcycles, whether sporty or retro, remain popular and their riders are generally exposed to the elements. Anyone who frequently ventures out on the highway will have already noticed that riding a naked bike can be a struggle. GIVI has developed a range of windshields especially for this purpose, offering the rider a great deal more comfort. Efficient as these windshields are, their elegant design never spoils the looks of the naked bike. Who said choosing is always a losing game? These windshields are quick and easy to fit with a motorcycle-specific mounting kit.

Attention: with this type of screen you have to order the kit separately.

It goes without saying that with GIVI you can count on the quality, well thought-out design and the safety features which we have come to expect from this Italian manufacturer.

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Technical specifications

Product identifiers
EAN 8019606119667
MPN 314A

This product is suitable for the following motorcycles

Moto Comment
HONDA Lead 110 (08 > 14) Specific screen, transparent 52 x 66,5 cm (H x W)

to be combined with the specific A314A fitting kit

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Art.nr. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
Art.nr. X314A

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GIVI Windshield mounting kit A314A
GIVI Windshield mounting kit A314A