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Intercom systems for motorcycles

Seeing the forest for the trees is not easy when it comes to communication and intercoms. There are many devices on the market, with very different functions. From just listening to navigation instructions on the one hand, to having a group conversation with 16 people over 8 kilometres, while answering the phone, listening to music and shooting a video, on the other hand.

Three questions you can ask yourself will help eliminate unsuitable systems.

Question 1: What do you want to use the intercom system for?

  • Solo:To hear GPS instructions or make phone calls (Bluetooth required on mobile phone)
  • With passenger: You only want to talk to your passenger. Of course you can also hear GPS instructions or make phone calls (Bluetooth required on mobile phone), but not talk to other motorcyclists.
  • Bike-to-bike: you can talk to other bikers one on one. Not together. Talking to your passenger is not a problem, of course, nor is hearing GPS instructions or making phone calls (Bluetooth required on mobile phone).
  • Bike to Bike (group conversation): several bikers can confer with each other and at the same time. Of course you can communicate with your passenger, the GPS instructions can be heard and telephone calls can be made if you have a Bluetooth-compatible mobile phone. Within this group of intercom systems, the distinction is made based on the maximum number of people that can take part in the group conversation.

Question 2: Do you want to be able to listen to FM-radio while travelling?

Question 3: Which helmet should the intercom system be fitted in?

Your helmet can also be a determining factor. Some intercom systems are designed for specific helmets. These are carefully concealed and cause virtually no additional wind noise and do not disrupt the aesthetics of the helmet.

Once you have answered these questions, only the most suitable products remain. You can compare the remaining products by using the product comparison option.
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Tip from the RAD-house

Many manufacturers indicate that they are compatible with other intercom brands or systems. This is usually true, although links within the same brand are more stable. Cardo communicates best with Cardo. Sena with Sena, Interphone with Interphone.

General remark: the world of electronics (which also includes intercoms, smartphones, GPS, etc.) changes so quickly, that it's possible that some (outdated) devices are not compatible with each other in certain areas. Unfortunately, the manufacturer can't provide us with data that shows which combinations between intercoms/GPS-systems and/or smartphones cause problems. A regular update of all electronic devices is therefore desirable to avoid problems as much as possible.

Many new motorcycles are nowadays equipped with a TFT-screen. We do not have exact information about how to pair an intercom device to the different TFT-screens of all motorcycle brands. If you would like help with the connection of your intercom system to the TFT-screen of your motorcycle, just "google" the intercom type together with the word "TFT" and your type of motorcycle. You will find very useful information!

Our experience teaches us that the following combinations can be problematic:

  • connection between a Sena 10S and an Interphone Sport
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