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ALPINESTARS Tech-Air® 10 Airbag System Black-Bright Red

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The Tech-Air® 10 is the most complete and race-worthy autonomous airbag system on the market. It is specifically suited for street or circuit use thanks to its defined configuration.

Attention: you only use it in the proper places. AI algorithms have come a long way but they still react to what you claim to do as a human. The ‘race’ as well as the ‘street riding’ modes both come with very specific algorithms, which makes them suitable only for optimal use during those very specific circumstances. The intelligent crash detection algorithm contains years of accumulated data of millions of kilometres and thousands of crashes, luckily often performed by MotoGP racers.

Tech-Air® 10 is most likely the showpiece of the Tech-Air® family by Alpinestars. Other members are the Tech-Air® Race, Tech-Air® Street, Stella Tech-Air® 3, Tech-Air® 3 and Tech-Air® 5 electronic airbag systems. Tech-Air® 10 is a derivation of the airbag technology by Alpinestars used by MotoGP racers. It is a slim, standalone, portable airbag system that offers bodily protection to racers on track days or even public roads. The shoulders, chest, complete back and hips of the motorcycle rider are protected.

The Tech-Air® 10 contains no less than 12 sensors. Speed, position, acceleration, everything is measured and logged. The airbag’s blow-up time is 40 milliseconds after the crash is detected. The shock absorption of the crash is 95% higher than that of a regular, fixed protector. This is shown to be identical to the effect of – hold on to your motorcycle trousers – 18 back protectors. The Tech-Air® 10 Airbag System works with two gas containers (argon). Those spring in action in order to master the larger airbag volume (from the shoulders past the hips) of the Tech-Air® 10. This is at the expense of the double activation option you get for instance in the Tech-Air® Race, to allow pilots to restart their race after a crash.

The Tech-Air® 10 system is easy to use: zip the front and close the strap to activate the airbag system – and you’re ready to go. The strap automatically activates the system as soon as it’s fixed. A wireless LED display shows whether the airbag is active or not. You can attach that display just about anywhere. Your lower arm is always a good option.

An integrated, certified lithium ion battery will cover a 24-hour riding time. The Tech-Air® 10 system requires about 4 hours for an empty battery to be fully charged with the supplied USB charger. If time is limited, then 1 hour of charging delivers about 6 hours of active time.

You wear the Tech-Air® 10 Airbag like a type of wide undercoat/undersuit. This means that there needs to be some room to spare. Four centimetres of chest circumference and two centimetres around the hips are enough but actually really required. It’s therefore best to go for a motorcycle suit that’s Tech-Air® compatible, which steers you inevitably and logically into Alpinestars’ direction. If that’s too much of a good thing right now, then every other racing suit will do but the requirements concerning the space that is needed, remain.

The Tech-Air® 10 is an ‘independent’ airbag system, which means that there is no physical connection between the motorcycle and the rider. That was not the case for earlier versions of motorcycle-specific airbags but then again, who hasn’t once forgotten that they’re still ‘connected’ … No, this is a lot more user-friendly, granting more freedom and flexibility. There’s no steps to be taken before the ride and nothing to switch off or unhitch when it’s over. You’ll go as you please and the smart Tech-Air® Airbag System knows the difference between ‘crashing’ and ‘stumbling’. When the system detects a crash, it only takes 40 milliseconds to be completely active (and hence, inflated).

It takes twelve electronic sensors, an algorithm and a bunch of artificial intelligence inside the motorcycle suit to ensure that the system is activated. Or not. Updates, adjustments to the algorithms and potentially new (future) configurations are simply uploaded by connecting the system to your laptop with the USB-cable. The Tech-Air® is smart as long as it’s charged. The Tech-Air® app will keep you informed, make sure you can monitor everything, shift between race and street settings and notify you of updates.

The airbag itself is breathable, provided with air canals and a perforated, comfortable base that you can change between sessions. That base is (hand) washable. The total weight of the Tech-Air® 10 (system and base layer) is 2.3kg in size medium.

It is not easy to justify a purchase in this price category but you shouldn’t have to in this case. The price motorcycle riders still pay because of a crash or accident is many times larger. Additionally, the Tech-Air® 10 Airbag System is the result of years of research and a successful evolution in technology. Loaded with smart technology and – admittedly – surprisingly practical, this is worth the try.

Important to know!

The Tech-Air® Airbag System has a number of additional features but also things to consider.

The Tech-Air® Airbag System can detect a collision from behind and will spring into action at that moment. In order to function properly, it is not recommended to wear a backpack that’s over 6 kilograms. It doesn’t really make any sense; putting on an airbag and then hindering it to inflate properly.

Maintenance and re-use

The Tech-Air® 10 system has an airbag that is certified for maximum three interventions. After every crash and therefore, every inflation, an authorised Alpinestars Tech-Air® Service Centre needs to perform a test to inspect whether the airbag has been damaged during the intervention. If it passes that inflation test and the airbag is intact, the only thing that need replacing are the gas containers. If damage is detected, then the system needs to undergo a full service. That is always the case after three interventions.

The Tech-Air® 10 Airbag System requires intermediate maintenance and should ideally be brought back to Alpinestars for a periodic maintenance every two years (€ 104.95).

After every crash and therefore, every inflation, an authorised Alpinestars Tech-Air® Service Centre needs to perform a test to inspect whether the airbag has been damaged during the intervention. If it passes that inflation test and the airbag is intact, the only thing that need replacing are the gas containers (€ 189.95).

If damage is detected, then the system needs to undergo a full service; the airbag and the blow-up mechanism will probably need replacing (€ 419.95).

You can keep the system clean with a microfibre cloth and lukewarm water.

It is recommended to register the chassis number. You can do this on the app or the Tech-Air®-portal and is important for messages with regard to software updates.


The Tech-Air® system is an active protection and safety system suitable for adults aged 18 and over. It is necessary to read and understand the user manual thoroughly before purchasing or using the system!

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Type suit
Use street, track
Wearing mode under
Pockets no
Airbag activation time 40 milliseconds
Number of activations possible without reactivation 1x
Reactivation possible yes, by an authorized service center
Type of activation system electronic
Number of sensors 12
Back protector yes, CE approved, level 2
Tailbone protector yes
Chest protector no
Fastener velcro, zipper
Outer material polyamide (69%), elastane (19%) and polyester (12%)
Lining n.a.
Technology Tech-Air®
Subscription no
Reflection no
Product identifiers
EAN 8059175926624 (XS); 8059175914614 (S); 8059175914621 (M); 8059175914638 (L); 8059175914645 (XL); 8059175914652 (2XL); 8059175914669 (3XL)
MPN 6508222/1303-XS (XS); 6508222/1303-S (S); 6508222/1303-M (M); 6508222/1303-L (L); 6508222/1303-XL (XL); 6508222/1303-XXL (2XL); 6508222/1303-3XL (3XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS AS6508222/1303-XS
S AS6508222/1303-S
M AS6508222/1303-M
L AS6508222/1303-L
XL AS6508222/1303-XL
2XL AS6508222/1303-2XL
3XL AS6508222/1303-3XL

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