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ALPINESTARS Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System Dark Grey-Black

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The Tech-Air® 5 carries six sensors that are sufficient for ‘regular’ use and because there’s a different cost/benefit ratio. Being able to be activated twice in one single ride is redundant; we assume that the ride’s over after a crash. Just to catch your breath, at least. Regroup, check everything and back to the road safely the next time, that’s more than enough for public roads.

This is by no means a limitation: the most recent generation of Tech-Air® 5 is controlled by the Tech-Air app®, which easily switches to the RACE Riding Mode, suitable for laps on a closed track. And only there! It emphasises again that the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System is the result of years of research and discovery, with uncountable levels of Alpinestars knowledge and knowhow, and the first real performance airbag jacket without actual connection to the motorbike. Up to 95% of the impact energy is absorbed by the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag. Explained backwards, this can be compared to being protected by 18 back protectors.

You wear the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag as an undercoat. It fits underneath just about every motorcycle jacket, but keep in mind that the airbag itself actually inflates. This means that there needs to be a little ‘room for expansion’: the textile jacket worn over it cannot be glued to your body. Four additional centimetres (at chest level) should suffice, but is certainly required. It can fit tightly but it still has to be comfortable.

In case you wear a leather motorcycle jacket – traditionally a little more second skin and tight – you’ll preferably opt for a motorcycle jacket that is Tech-Air® Compatible, which makes you inevitably look in the direction of Alpinestars itself. If that is too much of a good thing for now, then every leather motorcycle jacket that provides four additional centimetres of circumference around the chest will do perfectly.

The Tech-Air® 5 is an ‘autonomous’ airbag system, which in this context means that there is no tangent connection between the rider and the motorcycle. This connection was still present in previous versions of motorbike-specific airbags, but then: who wouldn’t forget they are still ‘attached’… No, this construction offers a lot more ease of use, freedom and flexibility. You don’t have to do anything before the ride and afterwards, you don’t have to remember to switch anything off or unhook anything. You go as you please and the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System is intelligent enough to see the difference between ‘tripping’ and ‘smacking into the concrete’. When the system detects a crash, it only takes 20 to 40 milliseconds to be completely active (and hence, inflated).

There are six electronic sensors, an algorithm and a bundle of artificial intelligence inside the motorcycle jacket that activate the system. Or that don’t. Updates, algorithm adjustments and any (future) new configurations simply occur by linking the system to your laptop via USB. The Tech-Air® is smart as long as it’s charged. The Tech-Air® app keeps you updated, keeps you on the ball, switches between race and street set-up and notifies you of new updates. A fully-charged battery is good for 30 hours of operating time and LED-lights will tell you when it’s time to recharge. An hour of charging gives you about 6 hours of riding time.

Activation of the entire system is simply by putting on the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System and zipping it up. The magnetic connection on the chest serves as the ‘on’ button. Even without you in it, by the way, so fold the flap inwards to avoid contact when you store everything away.

It is not simple to justify a purchase in this price category but we actually don’t need to in this case. The price bikers still pay on a daily basis in case of a fall or accident is many times higher. Moreover, the Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System is the result of many years of research and a successful evolution. Stacked with smart technology and – admittedly – surprisingly practical, this is really worth considering.

Important to know!

The Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System has a number of additional features but also has a few things to take into account.

Its life expectancy is around 10 years. Not if you slam to the ground with it every week. The mesh fabric the unit is made of, is not wear-resistant and can never be worn as is. As in: without a motorcycle jacket. The neck area has been kept free purposefully. This deviates from other (earlier?) designs and airbag jacket models. It’s called progressive insight.

The Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System detects a collision from behind and will activate at that time. To make sure everything is properly functional, a backpack of over 6 kilograms is not recommended. Putting on an airbag and then hindering it to inflate seems a bit illogical, anyway.

Maintenance and re-use

The Tech-Air® 5 Airbag System requires intermediate maintenance and should ideally be sent back to Alpinestars every two years or after 500 hours of functioning for periodical maintenance (€ 104,95).

After activation, it is also required to send the system back to Alpinestars, where it is thoroughly inspected. When reconditioning without further interventions or new airbags/balloons is possible, they will solely replace the cartridges (€ 169,95).

If during this inspection it is observed that more is needed to warrant proper functioning next time, the airbags/balloons will be replaced where needed and you are looking at a more invasive maintenance package (€ 314,95).

You can keep the system clean with a microfibre cloth and lukewarm water.

We recommend registration of the chassis number. You can do so via the app or the Tech-Air®-portal; this is important for software updates.


The Tech-Air® system is an active protection and safety system suitable for adults aged 18 and over. It is necessary to read and understand the user manual thoroughly before purchasing or using the system!

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Technical specifications

Size type unisex
Type vest
Use street, track
Wearing mode under
Pockets no
Airbag activation time 20 to 40 milliseconds
Number of activations possible without reactivation 1x
Reactivation possible yes, by an authorized service center
Type of activation system electronic
Number of sensors 6
Back protector yes, CE approved, level 1
Tailbone protector no
Chest protector no
Fastener velcro, zipper
Outer material polyester (90%), polyurethane (7%) and other (3%)
Lining 100% polyester
Technology Tech-Air®
Subscription no
Reflection no
Product identifiers
EAN 8059175257476 (XS); 8059175257483 (S); 8059175257490 (M); 8059175257506 (L); 8059175257513 (XL); 8059175257520 (2XL); 8059175257537 (3XL); 8059175257544 (4XL)
MPN 6508120/9310-XS (XS); 6508120/9310-S (S); 6508120/9310-M (M); 6508120/9310-L (L); 6508120/9310-XL (XL); 6508120/9310-XXL (2XL); 6508120/9310-3XL (3XL); 6508120/9310-4XL (4XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS AS6508120/9310-XS
S AS6508120/9310-S
M AS6508120/9310-M demo
L AS6508120/9310-L demo
XL AS6508120/9310-XL demo
2XL AS6508120/9310-2XL demo demo
3XL AS6508120/9310-3XL
4XL AS6508120/9310-4XL

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Spare parts

ALPINESTARS Tech-Air® 5 Chargingcable
ALPINESTARS Tech-Air® 5 Chargingcable

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