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ALPINESTARS J-6 Waterproof Women's Shoe Brown

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The waterproof J-6 doesn't look like a motorcycle shoe at all. A suede sneaker. Fashionable and trendy. Make no mistake, though: this is an ankle-high, waterproof, all-round, feminine motorcycle shoe with a bunch of technology on board and a solid pedigree.

When Alpinestars makes something, it always contains all the knowledge and expertise from the racing scene. The J-6 may look nothing like a full-blooded motorcycle boot, the structure and technology are still present. The J-6 was developed with an integrated toe protection that emphasizes ergonomics. Also the sole and replaceable footbed are clearly designed to satisfy demanding motorcyclists who like to keep a good motorcycling feeling. The whole thing is well put together, with ankle and heel protection that comes from the MX world and puts both flexibility and protection first. To put the two together at a very high level, you need to have a longstanding presence in very different areas of motorsport.

The female J-6 is an inconspicuous motorcycle shoe, only on sight. A lightweight leather shoe, with a clear street style nod. An integrated waterproof membrane guarantees dry feet, because these days you can expect a lot of breathability from such membranes. The tongue and the end of the shaft are made of leather and have extra padding for extra comfort, so there's no lack of attention to detail either.

Opening and closing is done by means of laces, which slide in metal rings. A metal logo, loop on the heel, vulcanized sole ... this is finished.

The higher the fashion level – and the level of ‘we don’t really look like motorcycle shoes’ –, the smaller the chance your leather shoes have a full-fledged shifting reinforcement. No problem on a scooter but on a motorbike, the multitude of shifting will quickly cause wear and tear. A shame of the leather shoes because this “wear and tear” will not often be incorporated in the warranty conditions.

You’d better take precautions, give yourself a hand or a foot in this case and add an extra layer to your leather motorcycle shoe or your gear lever. There are a number of options available in our range.

There is maintenance clothing and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So invest in its maintenance after your purchase and enjoy your gear for longer.

We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Size type ladies
Waterproof yes
Fastener laces
Zipper no
Ventilation no
Additional gearshift padding no
Ankle protection yes
Main material leather
Size recommendation measure your foot and use the product specific size chart
Material mixture of full grain cowhide leather and suede
Membrane Alpinestars membrane
Type of lining polyester
Product identifiers
EAN 8059175190377 (36); 8059175190384 (37); 8059175190407 (38); 8059175190421 (39); 8059175190438 (40); 8059175190452 (41); 8059175190469 (42); 8059175190483 (43); 8059175190506 (44)
MPN 2542220/80-5 (36); 2542220/80-5.5 (37); 2542220/80-6.5 (38); 2542220/80-7.5 (39); 2542220/80-8 (40); 2542220/80-9 (41); 2542220/80-9.5 (42); 2542220/80-105 (43); 2542220/80-115 (44)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
36 AS2542220/80-36
37 AS2542220/80-37
38 AS2542220/80-38
39 AS2542220/80-39
40 AS2542220/80-40
41 AS2542220/80-41
42 AS2542220/80-42
43 AS2542220/80-43
44 AS2542220/80-44

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