DAINESE Pony 3 Matte black

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With the Pony 3 from Dainese you mount your steed of steel as if ... okay stop it. We're not going to do that.

The Pony 3 is an ever-improving pair of leather motorcycle pants that sits somewhere on the outer limits of sporty designs. Leather as a material, in combination with motorcycles will always evoke speed and a kind of cool sporty association, although with the Pony 3 you will fruitlessly search for external knee sliders or striking logos. Dainese consistently follows this choice, which shifts the action area of these leather motorcycle pants to the public roads. For lovers of sporty leather motorcycle clothing, without necessarily wanting knee sliders and velcro. In other words: the daily use and wearability of 'normal' motorcycle pants, combined with the security and protection of a leather pair. Wear and tear resistance as a guarantee, next to tons of comfort in a pleasant motorcycle position.

The exterior of these Pony 3 leather motorcycle pants is ... leather. Ah yes, 'Tutu cowhide' more specifically, and that is an old acquaintance in motorcycle clothing land. It is accompanied by a bi-elastic S1 fabric, and this combination creates an ensemble that is pleasant to stay in. The lining is Nanofeel® with a silver ion treatment, for an antibacterial effect.

Pre-formed as these are, they will 'set' even more, but the elastic inserts at the groin and back, in combination with ample accordion pieces on the knee, create an easy entry. The mid-length zippers at the back of the calf also help more than a little. Not like sweatpants, to be clear. The Pony 3 is and always will be leather, sporty cut motorcycle pants.

Don't look for ventilation zippers or membranes. Re-read the last sentence of the paragraph above. Waterproof features, high summer, freezing winter ... other and better solutions are available. The Pony 3 is a conscious and deliberate choice for sporty leather. But one you won't regret. In the big survey book of leather motorcycle pants, this one is listed under the chapter 'super comfortable'.

The Pro-form hip protectors and the knee protectors in composite material are among them. The latter can be removed from the outside via the zip just above the knee. The protection material feels flexible and soft, and that is mainly due to the fact that you don't immediately expect this level of comfort in leather motorcycle pants of this caliber. It means - again - that you will be riding primarily on public roads. Where a number of rules apply that will help protect you just as much. The fact that the Pony 3 gets two zippered pockets and a number of - very subtle - reflective accents, emphasizes that.

The central press button is assisted by a zipper. The waist is adjustable (velcro) and the wide 3D band is extremely comfortable. Actually, this entire leather motorcycle pants is. Of course, we expect nothing less from Dainese and when you take the sum of years of top level track experience and a price for which you can hardly imagine yourself, then you know that this is a brilliant acquisition.

The connecting zip leaves just about all the Dainese combinations open.

There is maintenance clothing and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So invest in its maintenance after your purchase and enjoy your gear for longer.

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Technical specifications

Style sports, touring
Size type gentlemen
Waterproof no
Membrane no
Thermal lining no
Knee Protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
Hip protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
Tailbone protector no
Knee slider no
Type 1 in 1
Ventilation zippers none
Waterproof outer pockets no
Connection zipper yes, all around
Suspenders no
Adjustable waist yes
Knee protectors adjustable in height yes
Stretch zone yes, on the knees
Leg zipper back zipper to below the knee
Outer material Tutu cowhide leather
Type of membrane none
Reflection no
Product identifiers
EAN 8051019132147 (44); 8051019132154 (46); 8051019132161 (48); 8051019132130 (50); 8051019132178 (52); 8051019132185 (54); 8051019132192 (56); 8051019132215 (58); 8051019132208 (60)
MPN 1553711-076-44 (44); 1553711-076-46 (46); 1553711-076-48 (48); 1553711-076-50 (50); 1553711-076-52 (52); 1553711-076-54 (54); 1553711-076-56 (56); 1553711-076-58 (58); 1553711-076-60 (60)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
44 201553711-076-44
46 201553711-076-46
48 201553711-076-48
50 201553711-076-50
52 201553711-076-52
54 201553711-076-54
56 201553711-076-56
58 201553711-076-58
60 201553711-076-60

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DAINESE Protection & Cleaning Kit Set
DAINESE Protection & Cleaning Kit Set

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Style sports sports, touring sports
Size type gentlemen gentlemen gentlemen
Waterproof no no no
Membrane no no no
Thermal lining no no no
Knee Protectors yes, SEEFLEX level 2 CE approved protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
Hip protectors yes, level 1 CE approved SEESMART protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors yes, level 1 CE approved protectors
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