GIVI Inner bags V35 or V37 T443C

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Anyone who sets off on a journey on a motorbike undoubtedly recognizes this: completely packed, with helmet and tankbag you stroll - still wearing your motorcycle clothes - into the hotel or your accommodation. Your glove falls out of your helmet on the way and that wallet is of course nowhere to be found. Your side and top cases seemed a lot smaller at home when you filled them with luggage than they are now at your destination, where you have to carry them. Three of them, molded and hard. Entering somewhere inconspicuously, passing a doorway or elevator and check in? Forget it. Besides, once you arrive at your destination, you'll have to put the entire contents of your cases somewhere before you can go for a ride in the neighborhood the next day, if you like to store your helmet.

And to say that a set of inner bags makes everything so much more practical and easier. Just take them out of your case and take them with you. Flexible, light, supple and with an included shoulder strap also a lot more convenient. The inner bags from Givi are, true to the traditions of the Italian manufacturer, in most cases specifically made to fit one type of case. Not this time: this set (left and right bag) fits the V35 and V37 side cases.

Under the motto 'you can't keep making compartments' each inner bag consists of one central, large compartment, supplemented by an extra storage compartment which allows you to differentiate between the things you want to keep close to hand and those that make sense laying in a hotel room or at a destination.

Each bag is equipped with a handle. This bag can also be used as a piece of luggage outside of the case, thanks to its sporty design, the shoulder strap and the details at the bottom. You will be able to get everywhere with ease. Reflective details increase your safety in the evening and at night.

Of course, nothing prevents you from using the side bags more universally. In the end, the only limitation is and remains the hard outer surface of the case. If the dimensions of the inner bag fit the inner dimensions of your case and the shape is not completely different, there is no reason why they can't be used together.

Dimensions of each side bag in this set: 29 cm x 44 cm x 27 cm (HxWxD).

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Technical specifications

LxWxH in cm 44 x 27 x 29
Product characteristics
Waterproof no
Case V35, V37

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