GIVI Smoked replacement windshield - S D316S


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The standard windshield does not always provide you with the best protection or the looks you want. However, the screen is often a key factor in the experience of your bike. GIVI developed a number of motorcycle-specific solutions for those looking for better protection from the elements and/or a more individual look. This motorcycle-specific, tinted screen is available for both scooters and sports bikes. On scooters, an upward leaning screen ensures better aerodynamics, while the sporty motorcyclist experiences less wind thanks to a slightly higher mid section at the top. More comfort and more individuality are guaranteed. This top quality windshield replaces the original, so you have to be careful with the bolts and screws. It goes without saying that with GIVI you can count on the quality, well thought-out design and the safety features which we have come to expect from this Italian manufacturer.

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This product is suitable for the following motorcycles

Moto Comment
HONDA DN-01 700 (08 > 14) Specific screen, smoked 66 x 45 cm (H x W)

to be mounted instead of the original screen

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