IXS Glasgow-ST 2.0 Lady Black

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The Glasgow-ST 2.0 is a logical successor to the original Glasgow, although now with waterproof, breathing solto-TEX®-membrane. This instantly clarifies what the ‘ST’ stands for.

Winter biking gloves have seldom looked this good. Correction: they have seldom been this visible. A little nuance, to create a bridge to the High Visibility Concept: this Glasgow-ST 2.0 is just about the most visible without it being visible. Makes sense? Apart from the obvious reflective strips and possibly even a fluorescent yellow accent (in the right version), even all the dots you see on the back of the hand are mini-reflectors. This guarantees a relatively inconspicuous motorcycle glove by day that in the right light/lack of light turns into an eye-catching and well-reflective winter motorcycle glove. Touring riders, commuters and all-season riders will know what to do with these in many circumstances.

This Glasgow-ST 2.0 motorcycle glove’s exterior consists out of a mixture of (often double) layered goatskin and textile. The integrated solto-TEX® membrane with Tri-fleece inner lining keeps your hands warm and dry. Stretch material on the fingers and the back of the hand – in the form of fine accordion material – keeps everything comfortable and flexible.

An integrated TPU-knuckle protector on the back of the hand offers additional protection, just like the detailed reinforcements and padding on the palm of the hand and the fingers. The ball of the hand and the fingers were given an extra layer of leather on top.

The Velcro closure ensures this motorcycle glove stays in place. On the wrist, there is a second, non-aggressive Velcro closure that allows adjustment of the motorbike gloves to create more comfort over or inside the jacket sleeves. There is a water barrier on the cuff ends and the visor wiper on the left index finger illustrates that this is a motorcycle glove that is not scared of a little rain.

The fingertips of both index fingers are touchscreen compatible.

There is maintenance clothing, and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So, after your purchase invest in its maintenance and enjoy your gear for longer.

We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Size type ladies
Waterproof yes
Lining yes
Knuckle protection preformed hard plastic
Main material textile
Homologation EN13594:2015
Visor wiper yes
Touchscreen compatible yes
Palm goatskin leather with grip zone
Back of hand textile with leather inserts
Membrane SoltoTEX®
Type of lining tri-fleece
Product identifiers
EAN 7630554902692 (S); 7630554902685 (M); 7630554902678 (L); 7630554902708 (XL)
MPN X42057-003-DS (S); X42057-003-DM (M); X42057-003-DL (L); X42057-003-DXL (XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S X42057-003-DS
M X42057-003-DM
L X42057-003-DL
XL X42057-003-DXL

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