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Coolants for motorcycles

The cooling system is a pretty essential part of your engine. Admittedly, it's not why you bought the bike in the first place, but without it, your engine is not going to last long.

Before you start your fluid change, check out the Eurol product finder to find the proper coolant for your specific motorcycle. There are two different types.

All engines need cooling, and many engines are cooled by a liquid, in addition to the basic air cooling. For your information: overheating your engine can, worst case, blow the head gasket. That can be a costly repair.

Topping up your coolant is an easy chore. You should also change your coolant every two to three years, because it deteriorates after a while. Never replace coolant with water. Coolant contains a number of essential additives, e.g. antifreeze, anti-foaming agents, lubricants and anti-corrosion agents.

General how-to:

  • Let your engine cool down!
  • Protect your hands and eyes when unscrewing the cap of the expansion tank. Do it slowly; there will be some pressure build-up that needs to escape.
  • Always use the coolant which is recommended by the bike's manufacturer.
  • Collect old coolant in a suitable container - maybe one you kept from the last change - and hand it in at your local hazardous waste disposal service. Never ever throw it in the sink or toilet!

Which coolant does your bike use? Find out here.

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