REV’IT! Mosca H2O Black

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Sometimes you wear motorcycle gloves because you have to. Other times – we’re sorry - it's also just convenient. And what if the two happened at the same time?

Well, there you have it, REV'IT thought, and created the Mosca H2O. We wish we'd come up with them ourselves, because they're much lighter, airier and more competitively priced; you can't protect your hands any better. The Mosca H2O is a short summer glove that looks good and stylish, and performs at the same time. Even when it rains.

Actually, the Mosca H2O consists mainly of a visco-elastic knuckle protector - hard and yet pliable - which protects the back of your hand. Just about everything else seems at first sight to be stretch material and ventilation, although that is cutting it short. Underneath the sturdy stitching and goatskin leather palm is a Hydratex® membrane. The foam thumb, finger and palm protection also contribute to protection and safety.

The waterproof properties categorize the Mosca H2O with the motorcycle gloves that are usable during the off-season. The first impression remains that it’s a summer glove, the practical reality will - certainly with handlebar heating – take you quite a long way in the opposite direction.

With a good fit, a strip of velcro on the wrist, a cut that extends to just below the hand, and plenty of elastic material, REV'IT! delivers a complete, safe, waterproof and comfortable motorcycle glove.

There is maintenance clothing, and then there is clothing maintenance. Good, solid motorcycle clothing is an investment in comfort and personal safety. So, after your purchase invest in its maintenance and enjoy your gear for longer.

We put the best tips & tricks on this maintenance page.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof yes
Lining yes
Knuckle protection preformed soft visco-elastic filling
Main material textile
Homologation CE-EPI
Visor wiper no
Touchscreen compatible no
Palm goatskin leather
Back of hand stretch mesh
Membrane Hydratex|Z-liner
Type of lining 100% polyester
Product identifiers
EAN 8700001308366 (XS); 8700001308373 (S); 8700001308380 (M); 8700001308397 (L); 8700001308403 (XL); 8700001308410 (2XL); 8700001308427 (3XL); 8700001308434 (4XL)
MPN FGS165-1010-XS (XS); FGS165-1010-S (S); FGS165-1010-M (M); FGS165-1010-L (L); FGS165-1010-XL (XL); FGS165-1010-XXL (2XL); FGS165-1010-3XL (3XL); FGS165-1010-4XL (4XL)

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Size Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
XS FGS165-1010-XS
S FGS165-1010-S
M FGS165-1010-M
L FGS165-1010-L
XL FGS165-1010-XL
2XL FGS165-1010-2XL
3XL FGS165-1010-3XL
4XL FGS165-1010-4XL

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