IXS Heat-ST Black

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The Heat ST is a winter glove with electric heating. We are in the top of the range when it comes to comfort, and that reflects in just about everything.

These gloves come with batteries and charger.

Each Heat ST glove, which is always two per pair, is a pretty impressive size. An electric heated glove needs enough 'body' and that allows for just about any conceivable technical feature to be integrated. Here, it's no different.

The exterior consists of a mix of textile and goatskin leather. The solto-TEX®-membrane provides a waterproof buffer and when we dig a little deeper, we find the Thinsulate®-lining. In the palm, this lining ‘weighs’ 100 grams, on the back of the hand, it ‘weighs’ 300 grams and these are logical choices in the search for a balance between warm hands and a good steering feel. Note that all these names have a good reputation, each with their own qualities. In the Heat ST they come together and as is often the case, the result is a sum that is more than the separate parts.

Although the cuff naturally doubles as a storage compartment for the 7V batteries that serve as power source, the length remains within reason. Halfway to the wrist is no exception for winter gloves. The two batteries - a pair, that is - are included standard, as is a charger. The button which activates the battery is almost impossible to miss. On top of the wrist, it's ideal to be operated - for safety's sake you might want to stop, though - even on the bike. It is black but it lights up when in operation. Depending on the colour, it heats up more or less, which obviously has an impact on battery life. See the table below for a clear overview.

Mode Battery life Temperature
Level 4 (red) 2h15 57°C
Level 3 (Amber) 2h45 49°C
Level 2 (green) 4h 40°C
Level 1 (blue) 8h 32°C

’Warmth' comes in different intensities and degrees, but the specific place the heat manifests itself plays a role as well, of course.
Here we are talking specifically about the back of the hand and the topside of the fingers.
It goes without saying that the heat, once present, does disperse, which - more than heating up a single spot - ensures the best effect.

We haven't told you anything about the general qualities of the Heat ST yet. The section 'electric heating' is very important, but the following list is also quite impressive: visor wiper, reflective elements, accordion inserts and stretch material, touch tip for smartphone and GPS, flexible Poron XRD® knuckle protector, velcro closure on the wrist and cuff, a finish on the same cuff that prevents water from seeping in ... With just about any other winter glove, we could have written a whole text on these features alone.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof yes
Lining yes
Knuckle protection EVA knuckle protection
Main material textile
Homologation CE-EPI
Visor wiper yes
Touchscreen compatible yes
Palm goatskin leather
Back of hand textile with leather inserts
Membrane SoltoTEX®
Type of lining Thinsulate®
Product identifiers
EAN 7630053166786 (S); 7630053166779 (M); 7630053166762 (L); 7630053166793 (XL); 7630053166755 (2XL); 7630053166809 (3XL)
MPN X42705-003-S (S); X42705-003-M (M); X42705-003-L (L); X42705-003-XL (XL); X42705-003-2XL (2XL); X42705-003-3XL (3XL)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
S X42705-003-S
M X42705-003-M
L X42705-003-L
XL X42705-003-XL
2XL X42705-003-2XL
3XL X42705-003-3XL

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IXS Battery charger Heat-ST
IXS Battery charger Heat-ST
IXS Battery Heat-ST 7V
IXS Battery Heat-ST 7V

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