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Silicone spray for motorcycles

Silicone spray has a protective effect and is often used to keep rubber parts flexible, preventing it from drying out, which makes it brittle and porous. Silicone spray also has a moisture repellent effect and protects against rust and dirt. This versatility - and the fact that the spray can be applied to rubber, plastic and metal - means that you really should have this product in your cupboard.

As a protective agent, the spray repels dirt. A thin silicone film prevents dirt from sticking to your motorcycle. One use is to spray the exterior of your motorcycle with silicone spray during the winter period for efficient protection against salt deposits. It can be used on most parts of the motorcycle, including the engine and exhaust (see usage). A thin layer should be sufficient for effect.

Once in a while, you could clean the motorcycle to remove both the film and the dirt and salt. If the circumstances haven't changed, i.e. it is still winter, you can reapply a new silicone film.


Besides keeping rubber supple, protecting it and preventing salt or pitch damage, silicone spray is an ideal tool for making stiff zippers soften up again. You can hang on to that motorcycle gear a bit longer then.


Always apply silicone spray to a dry and clean surface. Apply a thin, even layer and wipe with a dry, soft cloth.
Attention: the spray is slippery, so never spray it on your tyres, brakes, saddle, footrests or grips!

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