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Engine oil 4T

Changing engine oil yourself is a piece of cake. It may be advisable, though - especially when doing it for the first time - to go through the steps beforehand, but the actual job shouldn't give you any problems.
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A number of accessories (catch the oil in a drain pan!) and the right tools can come in handy, but the most important thing is to know what the correct oil is for your bike. Additives are added to motorcycle oil to prevent the clutch plates (which on most motorcycles run in engine oil) from slipping. So be sure to check your motorcycle's manual prior, or use our Eurol product finder, which will lead you straight to the correct oil.

Two important parameters are viscosity and quality. The latter can be roughly divided on the basis of composition, where mineral oil is mainly used in older motorcycles and the 100% synthetic oil is suitable for most contemporary, high-performance engines. Between both extremes, there is the so-called "semi-synthetic" oil, with a minimum of synthetic material.

Attention: buy enough oil for a complete oil change! There is often more in the engine than you think.

It is never bad to replace your oil filter at the same time. Here you can easily find the right one for your motorcycle.

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