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EUROL Motorcycle lubricants and oils

Grease, oil and lubrication. What is what and what is it for?

Ceramic grease is a lubricant in paste form which contains very small ceramic particles. It has an excellent anti-wear effect and actively protects against rust. Thanks to the ceramic particles in the paste, it is resistant to operating temperatures between -40 and 1,300°C. Ceramic grease prevents threaded connections from rusting and ensures that you can accurately determine the necessary tightening torque. It also prevents against electrolytic corrosion, e.g. between aluminium and steel. Ceramic grease is resistant to water and does not affect rubber. It is applied to nuts, bolts, gaskets, etc., before they are tightened. It ensures that you can easily tighten and loosen them.
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In principle, copper grease has the same applications as ceramic grease. It ensures that bolts such as wheel bolts and spark plugs do not corrode and get stuck. It is resistant to very high temperatures and therefore does not become liquid when hot. Copper grease fills surface irregularities, forming a film to prevent metal-on-metal contact when the nuts are tightened. Copper grease is used on the back of brake pads (preventing them from squeaking), or applied to wheel spindles before they are assembled and tightened.

General purpose oil is not the same thing as penetrating oil. General purpose or household oil is an all-purpose lubricant that is used primarily to lubricate locks, hinges, bicycle chains, etc. It is sometimes also used as a cleaning agent.

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