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Motorcycle locks - Accessories

As a rule, motorcycle locks are straightforward and ready for immediate use. Even then, there are a few accessories that make life easier, when dealing with a certain type of lock.

First and foremost, a reminder cord for disc brake lock springs to mind. We probably all know a few motorcyclists that crashed after forgetting to remove their disc brake lock.

Such a crash isn't just expensive, it also looks quite silly. Trying to ride off, with a sporty twist of the throttle, near a large terrace filled with people, only to find yourself, your bike and possibly a passenger lying on the ground, a few seconds later. Front end probably busted, along with your pride and dignity. Passenger confidence to shreds. If you don't have a reminder cord, get one now. You need one, believe us.

Also a nice-to-have: a storage bag for your dirty and heavy chain lock, keeping the rest of your luggage clean and protected from damage.

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