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Earplugs for motorcycle use

No matter how quiet a helmet is or claims to be, hours of motorcycle riding can resonate for a long time. If you've ever done a day of motorway riding, you know what we're talking about. You're not supposed to hear those sounds at night in your bed.

Lovers of top-notch exhaust sounds could also benefit from a good sound insulator. Just because you don't have a problem right away doesn't mean it won't develop over time. Prevent permanent hearing damage from many motorcycle rides and use earplugs.
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Earplugs are earplugs, aren't they?

Well, no. The snoring of a bedroom companion or a day of heavy traffic, both require a different approach. Not all earplugs are necessarily suitable for motorcyclists who, apart from blocking out certain sounds, still like to hear other traffic or other motorcyclists.

Our earplugs therefore feature specific filters that are geared towards motor traffic. The only exception are universal earplugs.

Filters filter out the annoyance, without completely excluding important other things. Voices, traffic and even the engine of your own vehicle remain audible. Only the noise disappears. You can still navigate and communicate (directly or via intercom) and you can also hear that ambulance, just like you can a horn. You can even rely on your hearing to shift gears in time, but at night you can enjoy a good night's sleep without riding the entire route again.

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