What corona precautions are in place at RAD?

We are happy to safely welcome you back!
We make every effort to strictly observe the safety and health precautions.
We hope we can count on you to keep it safe together!

1. We limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 1 person per 15m2.

2. Please disinfect your hands upon entering the store.

For this purpose we provide a disinfectant gel.

3. It is mandatory to wear a suitable face mask during the entire visit in our stores.

The official guidelines no longer permit wearing a face mask with a valve, or a scarf or bandana.
Please wear a surgical or textile mask during your visit and stay as much as possible behind the acrylic dividers when at the cash register or the technical counter.

4. Please respect the 1.5 meter social distance as much as possible.

Maintain your distance from both the other customers as well as our staff.

5. Preferably pay by card.

6. Helmets may only be tried on while wearing a balaclava, which are available for your convenience on site.

Replace your own facemask by a balaclava that's available near the helmets. Now you are ready for fitting!
Afterwards put your own face fask back on and drop the used balaclava in the provided box.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!