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ALPINESTARS Faster-3 Black

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Faster. Faster 2. Faster 3 RIDEKNIT. Stella Faster. Faster-Vented. They're all motorcycle shoes from Alpinestars and the one this text is about isn't even listed yet.

We just want to say: the Faster 3 has a big family and an impressive pedigree. And then expectations are high. Alpinestars themselves add to this by stating that the Faster 3 is the result of 'decades of R&D experience at the highest motorsport level'. Well, then 'a shoe' is not enough, of course.

And the Faster 3 isn't either. Not if you define 'shoe' as 'a sole, a bit of leather and a lace'. The Faster 3 is a piece of top technology, designed and made for performance, precision and protection. Disguised as 'a shoe'.

The outside is a 'construction'. Not 'made of ...' or 'manufactured in ...' No, it is a carefully engineered, lightweight, wear-resistant construction. A piece of craftsmanship with a razor-sharp look. Not surprising, because Alpinestars earned its stripes in racing and on the track. You notice that when you take a closer look at the list of features of the Faster 3. The welded microfibers, to have a better connection with the bike. A cut-out at the height of the Achilles’ tendon for mobility. Despite that, plenty of support and soft padding on the ankle. An external TPR toe slider. An external TPR heel guide. The asymmetrical toe which allows - even without shift reinforcement - solid passage through the gears. We haven't even mentioned the very prominent protection in the form of ankle protection or the reinforced toe and heel. We haven't even mentioned the abrasion-resistant sole with integrated metal strip. Or the attention paid to comfort and detail everywhere.

The Faster 3 is a classic in the making. A summer shoe that lets you sprint both on and off the bike and you can appear everywhere in style. The Alpinestars Faster 3 opens and closes with laces, hiding the loops under the velcro closure. That combination allows you to adjust the shoe to size perfectly. And that is necessary in the case of top technology.

Careful: a little water can't hurt, but ankle high shoes are definitely not 100% waterproof. The Faster 3 Drystar might be a solution.

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Technical specifications

Size type gentlemen
Waterproof no
Fastener velcro, laces
Zipper no
Ventilation no
Additional gearshift padding yes
Ankle protection yes
Main material microfiber
Size recommendation measure your foot and use the product specific size chart
Material microfiber
Membrane none
Type of lining breathable 3D mesh
Product identifiers
EAN 8033637963730 (38); 8033637963754 (39); 8033637963761 (40); 8033637963785 (41); 8033637963792 (42); 8033637963815 (43); 8033637963839 (44); 8033637963846 (45); 8033637963860 (46); 8033637963877 (47); 8033637963891 (48)
MPN 2510219/10-6 (38); 2510219/10-7 (39); 2510219/10-7.5 (40); 2510219/10-8.5 (41); 2510219/10-9 (42); 2510219/10-10 (43); 2510219/10-11 (44); 2510219/10-115 (45); 2510219/10-125 (46); 2510219/10-13 (47); 2510219/10-14 (48)

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Size Art.no. Drongen Willebroek Nivelles Brugge Zaventem Tournai Herk-de-Stad Alleur
38 AS2510219/10-38
39 AS2510219/10-39
40 AS2510219/10-40
41 AS2510219/10-41
42 AS2510219/10-42
43 AS2510219/10-43
44 AS2510219/10-44
45 AS2510219/10-45
46 AS2510219/10-46
47 AS2510219/10-47
48 AS2510219/10-48

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Fastener velcro, laces velcro, laces zipper, laces
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