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Motorcycle helmet

Thé motorcycle helmet doesn't exist (anymore). A long time ago a tin box did the trick, but today, motorcycle helmets come in a variety of models and just about every imaginable shape and color.

A lot depends on your personal taste, although you can also let your riding style and the type of motorcycle affect your choice. The E(CE) 2205 standard (standardised in 47 countries) is never an issue, because all our helmets meet the standard.

A number of distinct types stand out:

The flip-up helmet with a chin guard raising mechanism is aimed at touring riders and commuters who ride often and want to combine the advantages of the full-face helmet with those of the jet helmet.

A full-face helmet is pretty much the standard. Originally mainly sport-oriented - because a helmet that is as fully closed as possible offers the best protection - this has evolved into an all-round helmet type that will suit both the rider of a 50cc scooter and the motorcyclist on his 1200 adventure. Full-face helmets are also warmer in winter.

The jet helmet also sometimes called "that piss pot", can be very retro today or combine all the modern features of a helmet with a long visor. In all cases there is no chin guard and that is the biggest advantage. And its biggest disadvantage.
Jet helmets are decidedly summery, but they are universal in use: choppers, retros, scooters, touring ... in fact, they can be used for everything.

Dual Sport helmet As the name suggests, they combine two target groups. Adventurous touring must be the goal, because you can enjoy the advantages of a motocross helmet and the advantages of a full-face helmet.

If you prefer only the first, then a motocross helmet is more your cup of tea. These helmets put the emphasis on off-road and everything that comes with it: mud, slush, dust, sun ...

Finally, the children's motorcycle helmet are less pronounced in style, intended for smaller head sizes and just as functional as their larger counterparts.

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