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Luggage straps for motorcycles

These luggage fasteners are perfect for securing large items of luggage to your motorcycle. Firstly, they can attach a well-stocked roll bag onto your passenger seat, top case rack or luggage carrier rack. We don't have to mention that carrying loose luggage items is not recommended, do we?

We distinguish two types, both good and safe.


The advantage of these is that everything stays in place. Straps aren't elastic, they don't stretch. On the other hand, this also means that the end of a very long strap could potentially come loose and flap in the wind. On the other hand, when they're too short, there's no leeway. In other words, you're stuck to a certain length and that length doesn't change.

Kind of a disadvantage, should you spontaneously decide on buying something during that trip. Straps do exist in different lengths and are generally equipped with a metal, toothed safety buckle.


Anyone looking for a little more flexibility is better off with an elastic strap. These are flexible and can be adjusted on the fly. You can fit extra luggage underneath - within certain limits - easily. An elastic band is rarely too short or too long.

However, the same elasticity also means that they give way a little. So make it a habit to regularly check your luggage, when under way.

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