BGS TECHNIC Shrink sleeves for motorcycles

If you were expecting that this category was about clothing for people with shorter arms, you'd better leave the electrical repairs on your motorcycle to a professional, one who is a bit more familiar with electrical bits and bobs.
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Although, almost anyone can repair electrical cables with a shrink sleeve, also known as heat shrink tubing. Or rather: you can finish the repair in a neat and secure manner. Generally, the correct order is to slide a fitting piece of shrink sleeve on one of the wires, then repair the electrical wire. Slide the heat shrink over the repaired area, heat it up a bit and watch the sleeve shrink, making a very tight fit over the wires. It will look like new again and dirt and water will have a hard time reaching the repaired area.

Heat shrink protects and isolates, providing a waterproof seal, with a highly reduced risk of short-circuiting. Another option is to use insulation tape, although a heat shrink tubing looks a lot better.

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